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Society 6 Curtains

One thing I always hate sorting for design projects, is curtains. They’re always a nightmare to source, they’re expensive, the tracks and systems are confusing and curtains are generally a little bit too faffy for my personal taste. Sometimes you just find a ready made pair that ticks the box, but most of the time you have to look to have something made. Don’t even get me started on bay windows.

Lies! Curtains are the precursor to awfully bad moods and biscuit related self-soothing.

I sit on the side of “no, not all rooms need window coverings“, so we don’t have any in our kitchen/diner at all, or our bathroom, loo, hallway and landing…. I have no idea why people fit blinds on windows that never get pulled down? What’s that about?  It’s like a window fringe. Windows don’t need them. Don’t you want as much light as possible in there? I do.

Natural light = Good.

Unnecessarily blocking out light with half mast blinds = Bad.

One room we do need window coverings of course is bedrooms. And as i’m re-designing ours at the moment, it’s opened up a whole can of curtain worms. GOD I HATE SORTING CURTAINS!!

I wrote a post two years ago about Society 6 and the introduction of curtains to their homewares range. Since then, they’ve added hundreds, dare I say thousands of designs to choose from and more recently, Society 6 have upped their offering to include Sheer and Blackout curtains both sold as single panels or pairs and coming in two lengths 84″ and 96″ (213cm and 243cm – for those of you that still can’t fathom imperial, like moi). This excites me greatly, moreso, as these curtains also come in a rod pocket design, the simplest curtain you can get really. No rings, loops, tracks, hooks, noise… all the things I hate about curtains really. These are just big sheets of fabric with a loop of fabric to slide over your pole.

I’ve spent literally four hours on the site now going through the designs and trying to fathom out which pair is gonna rock my world in the new Nude Bedroom, so much so, I thought, well I may as well share my findings with you… Come see some of the designs i’ve been eyeing up for our bedroom as well as some others that I thought you’d like:

Bulkhead by Fernando Vieira

Exotic Abstract Patterns of Nature by Sarah Breece

The Cactus and Stone by Fernando Vieira

Made in the USA by faithruchti

Oil and Wine by Fernando Vieira

Ultra Minimal II by 7115

Concrete by Fernando Vieira

Abstract Art 16 by ThingDesign

5454d by sinmara12

Dogged 1 by Fernando Vieira

Black and White Half and Half Split by Abstract Black and White

Abstract Form 03 by The Old Art Studio

Inverse by Fernando Vieira


Lines Art by Summer Sun Home Art

Paper Boat by Fernando Vieira

And just before I go, I spotted these which made me smirk given the current political shenanigans.

Order – John Bercow by Aftersold

How very appropriate #cancelbrexit

There really are all sorts on there so worth looking at if you’re after something simple, cost effective but slightly more interesting than the usual affair. Obviously, I can’t comment on the quality or owt as i’ve not actually seen them yet, but I think Society 6 are going to send me a pair for our new look bedroom (citing!) so of course I will be sure to report back. All I need to do is flipping choose a pair. On last count i’d whittled my loooong list down to about six. Wish me luck peeps!

Ps. I wasn’t paid to write this post or anything. Just wanted to share my slightly ridiculous amount of curtain research with you. Because sharing is caring 😉


  1. Claire says

    Real talk though. How DO curtains on bay windows work? We recently moved into a house with a very shallow bay window and Pinterest is no help with useful examples.

    • Karen Knox says

      Will make a note to write a piece about Bay Windows asap – there’s enough info to make quite a decent blog post!

      • Yes! I second this comment – please please do! I’ve got 3 bay windows in my house and I’ve gone with shutters on two of them because it was easier and well, I love the look. So that was easy enough. But I want curtains in my bedroom and I can’t seem to find decent tracks and I’m constantly wrestling with what we have there so I need some inspiration! I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 xxx

  2. Angela says

    Oooh, but I LOVE window coverings. All things home furnishings and curtains have such wonderful big impact. But, yeah, not blinds or curtains in hallways or loos, where you never use them! I’m a big fan of Society 6 – I have the same problem: too much to like! Happy curtain shopping.

  3. Deborah Williams says

    Hello, in all of our homes we have had bay windows and yes, I do have a love / hate relationship with them. But dressed beautifully, they can look amazing. We currently have 2 Bay windows, both of which are different. One with a window ledge and one without. Personally, I always have my curtains made and find that a double pinch pleat sits nicely, or for an even more contemporary look a single pinch pleat. Not too much fabric as with the triple pleat and sleek unlike pencil pleats which can look bulky on a bay. Semi sheer roller blinds help with privacy issues on a large bay. And just gently filter the light. I have beautiful poles up. I special order these from the Internet, as you can order exactly what you require for the shape and number of sides your bay window may have. Elbow joints and C rings enable the rings to pass easily over the poles brackets as opposed to complete rings which won’t pass over the many brackets which are required on a bay window pole. There are many Internet companies that do these poles. And no they don’t need to cost a fortune either. Hope this info helps.

  4. Anonymous says

    The designs are very striking from Society 6, but for me the balance is lost when a ‘pair’ are not a mirror image of each other (cos I am a bit of a symmetry geek). Alright when they are open as you will just see ‘colours’, but not when they are closed. Anyone else think the same?

    • Aargh! I so very nearly wrote exactly your comment, but stopped myself as I thought I sounded too OCD! I absolutely agree with you, and I could never live with any of these curtains because of the symmetry issue. ‘Dogged I’ curtain pattern is especially bad for this.

      I love curtains and usually make my own, and I normally go for plain colours as too much pattern in a room looks a bit overwhelming to me.

    • Janna says

      Yes! Mirror the images, S6! Otherwise I won’t be ordering anything that’s not symmetrical on each panel so that they mirror each other.

  5. Anonymous says

    We have just had curtains made for a loft bedroom. Have Tilt and Turn windows and a feature window on the same wall. The feature window would have been easy enough to fit with a blind but the T&T ones are really tricky (and I am really not keen on the mega expensive Duette or Plisse blinds which are often recommended for these windows as they look a bit officey and would have meant multiple operations for a teenage girl to open and close). Even though the windows are anthracite grey alluminiuum (very dark, almost black grey), so very modern went for sheer net curtains and proper curtains. (Sounds wrong doesnt it? But believe me they look nice!) They are both floor to ceiling and wall to wall. For this reason we needed curtain fabric which was calm and not in your face as it would be a very dominant feature when closed. We found some really nice creamy coloured curtains with a grey geometric pattern, all quite subtle, from John Lewis (in the sale) and a local curtain company made them. I have a daughter and two sons so I also wanted something that would suit all of them if any room changes occured in the future (although surprisingly my oldest son ,ten, really likes bright floral curtains! Good on him!) Anyway, the curtain company have attached narrow tracks for both the ‘nets’ and the curtains to the ceiling. The net can be pulled quickly across for changing clothes etc (imortant for a teen girl, as we live near a corner so our loft is very visible) and the curtains are corded. They were expensive to have made and fitted (curtain fabric was a bargain at about £12 a metre) but hopefully they will last a long time – a lifetime prefarbly 🙂 This is what we are telling ourselves anyway!

  6. hi Karen – did you receive the curtains and how was the quality? I love the designs but would love to know if the quality/feel was any good when you got them? Thank you! I love your blog! Leo

    • Karen Knox says

      Hi Leo,
      I did receive a pair and didn’t really like them in all honesty. The fabric felt very synthetic, the design I chose didn’t translate well onto material and they didn’t hang well at all. It’s a no from me i’m afraid. Such a shame!!

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you Karen. I feared that might be the case and so handy not to waste my time. But such a pity as they looked great. Many thanks and all the best. Leo x

      • Janna says

        Major bummer; the designs look beautiful on screen.
        But thank you for the update!

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