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The Mulberry Red Room – Pre-reveal

Mulberry Red Bedroom - Pre reveal

I wasn’t going to bother writing this post up, mainly because i’ve shared most of these pics over on Instagram already. But then I thought, “well tough bums” (a phrase Charlie and I use), i’m sure there are some of you that read my blog who don’t follow me on Instagram. And actually i’d quite like to share them over here so I can talk about each picture properly. So i’m doing it right now. Just watch me.

Project in progress

Here’s a quick reminder of where we were on the last post. This pic was taken after some of the new furniture had arrived but before any of the works had been done. Standard. Here’s the difference two simple things make, the two things being:

  • The right surface coverings (wall and floor)
  • Plants

That’s it.

New Flooring + New Wall Colour + Plants = A Magical Space

I genuinely get so excited when clients trust you and just go for it. Not many would simply smile, nod and order the paint the next day. There’s normally some resistance, additional reassurance required and a good sized tester painted onto 47 pieces of A4 paper taped onto each wall for at least a fortnight.

Not this time though. Just a yes and we were off! Excellent.


Buh bye white plastic ceiling rose

This was the view to the other side of the room where the bed resides and the ceiling light fitting, which was completely in the wrong place for this room. So we re-wired it onto the highest ceiling point in order to get in a LARGE pendant light that would really stand out against those dark walls. And here it is…

Doesn’t it look stunning? I couldn’t stop looking at it when I visited this week. A big opal glass doughnut with that cheeky dimple. It takes three bulbs inside so it’s also a great light for such a dark space.

The antique chest is the only thing that remains from the original room. The new bedding and bedspread is currently on the old bed whilst we await the arrival of the new one, which will be this…

Roscoe Bed from MADE

The new bed with large upholstered headboard will add a beautiful pop of colour to this side of the room which we’ve picked up again in the beautiful chartreuse velvet bedspread. And the walnut legs of the bed-frame tying in with the rich tones of the mid century chest of drawers.

A quick run down of the shopping list for you:

Here’s the mirror, which was meant to be round, but my client went all rogue on me and bought this cheeky little number from a little shop in West Didsbury. (How very dare he!?) It does looks nice though doesn’t it!? (Don’t tell him I said that).

Ok, one more before and after shot of the corner of the room where that lovely leather sling chair is…

I just love it. But what I love even more is how just a moodboard with some stuff on was enough for the homeowner to charge full steam ahead with it all. Well, everything apart from the round mirror.

Mulberry Red Room Moodboard

So there’s still a few bits to sort:

  • the bed
  • bedsides
  • bedside lamps
  • some kind of rug (which he didn’t really want but his better half does)
  • and i’m going to try my best to sneak a few more styling-y bits in there (he doesn’t like me doing that)

Looks like we’ve got a 12 week wait for the new bed though (boooo) so I won’t be back with the final reveal of this project until well into spring. Waiting sucks doesn’t it!?


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks so much for including this in the blog – I don’t use Instagram so I appreciate you taking the time to share here too. It looks amazing – gorgeous colours.

  2. Anonymous says

    Sooo glad that you’ve posted this. It may just have saved me a lot of work and egg on my face as I’m sourcing a light and bed for home and was about to hit BUY on a bed that is *almost* perfect.
    The ceiling pendant is stunning. Do you happen to know how easy it is to replace the lamps? I know they last ages these days, but it is a pet hate of mine; having to get the tool kit out to change one.

  3. Steve Jones says

    The use of beautiful pendant light has infused life into the room. The delicate shadows created by this lamp are surprising and beautiful. Thanks!

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