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H&M – You’re killing me right now!

H&M Home

If any of you are looking to furnish a room at the moment and are big fans of Scandinavian design, then you’d be hard pressed not to find something at H&M Home’s department that’ll make you do this:

There were so many things that gave me all the feels, I had to do a little round up for you guys, as someone out there HAS to buy these. My house is officially full and i’m not allowed an extension. Booo to that!

Stool in Metal & Leather

I so want this! It’ll just look better with age and use. Stools are so handy to have around the house, we’ve got one in most rooms, you’d be surprised how often it gets dragged out…

H&M Home

…footstool, reaching stuff high up, side table, actual stool, low table for Charlie to eat his cereal from whilst he watches Power Rangers sitting on the floor in his pyjamas… etc.

Wool Blend Rug

Just enough detail for your floor.

Velvet Cushion Cover

Lovely colour combos and just very cool.

Linen Pendant Light

This is an amazing prize and an excellent alternative to the Ay Illuminate Z1 pendant light.

Large Metal Table Lamp

Very sleek design which would look equally at home in a minimal setting as it would a maximalist’s pad.

See how that gold along with that brown velvet chair just adds enough to warm up this very paired back, off-white scheme.

Table Lamp

How wonderful are the shapes of these beauties? I really like them as a pair or a trio, very vintage-esque.

Side Table with Handle

Round Stool

Really like that folded detail on the tripod legs which can be found on this table lamp too.

Table Lamp with Glass Globe

Very cool indeed.

Anything here caught your eye then? If only I had a room to at home to furnish right now… i’d be all over that leather stool and those lamps. Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. Ursula in Cádiz says

    Thank you Karen, some lovely picks., and I’m with you on that stool: all the heart eyes.

    Just putting it out there in case someone from H&M pops in to read, that it is INCREDIBLY frustrating not being able to find out which stores carry homeware. There are few (far too few!) of the stores in Spain carrying these lovelies and so, if I’m travelling anywhere, I’d like to be able to see that there was a store en route or nearby and plan a visit. To do this, you have to click on every single store in a 400km radius and then look to see which types of goods they stock. Ridiculous! Because online for some things, like texture, isn’t enough guys.

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