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Growing up with Meble Vox & Wayfair

cork wall

Remember Charlie’s room? This time last year, I had this beast built. The wall of storage.

Kid's Bedroom

Best. Thing. Ever.

(read all about that here)

La Redoute Igzigu

Then we upgraded his cot bed to these single stacking beds, perfect for sleepovers (read about those here)

Then it was time to find a new wardrobe and chest of drawers… and it’s taken me a year. ONE YEAR to find something that floated my boat. This was the wishlist:

  • White and/or blonde wood
  • Something that didn’t look like kids’ furniture, but would equally be at home in a kids’ room
  • Decent quality, something that would last him until the day he moves out (so, about another 23 years).
  • A wardrobe with full hanging rail. For some reason, a lot of kids’ wardrobes have a half rail and shelves down the side. What’s that about??
  • Around £600ish for the two

I’d done the whole Ikea shlep… endless internet dredging… and what I found was kid’s furniture that was affordable but looked a bit ’90’s naff’, childish or had a half length rail. Then there was some really nice stuff but was just MEGA pricey. Sheesh.

I was getting well frustrated by this point, but then landed on the Wayfair website. And it seems they’ve either increased their product range and/or improved the search function which made it a doddle to find about four or five different furniture options right away. BINGO!

This was the range that caught my eye for Charlie’s room:


Meble Vox ‘Spot” Wardrobe (£299) and Drawers (£329.99)

Meble Vox has a really good range of fantastic forward thinking designs for both kids and adult spaces. A great alternative to Ikea and all available to purchase at Wayfair. Vox has been steadily strengthening its position as one of the most innovative companies in the furniture sector in Poland since 1989. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for furniture for your small (and not so small) people.

Meble Vox ‘Spot’ range

“At VOX we believe that real freedom begins at home, and the way we organise our living space has a great influence on our life….


…Therefore, our products are created as the answer to people’s actual needs based on the design thinking methodology. They are developed by multidisciplinary teams that, apart from designers, consist of psychologists, ethnographers and sociologists. Our goal is to constantly develop and provide comprehensive interior design solutions.”

Well I liked that very much and luckily for me (and Charlie), Wayfair and Meble Vox were happy to work with me on a blog post.

This was the furniture set up in Charlie’s bedroom before. All fine and dandy for a nursery, but a bit on the tiddly side for a growing lad. It’s served us well for nearly six years, but it now belongs to a new family who are expecting their first.

So, after some big deliveries and a couple of afternoons of DIY, Charlie’s room looks like this…

Kids Furniture

Ta- da!

Charlie loves his new furniture. As do I! The new wardrobe and tall chest of drawers look right at home in this kids’ bedroom but will also serve him well into his teens and beyond.

Kids Furniture

Big ticks for:

  • All drawers and doors are soft close (so no getting woken up in the night when Charlie decides he wants socks on, despite me asking him four times before bed if his feet were cold. True story.)

  • There is a light that comes on automatically when you open the wardrobe door. Really useful for those dark mornings that are just around the corner.

Meble Vox Spot Wardrobe

  • Despite being made from chipboard, the furniture is really substantial, very good quality with the finish on the doors and drawer fronts being top notch.

Meble Vox Spot

  • Our avid resident flat-packer (hubby) mentioned several times how good the fixtures and fittings were. Once he’d gotten his head around the instructions being different to those from Ikea, he said it was pretty easy to put together and feels like good quality kit.

Kids Furniture

One of my fave bits about the ‘Spot’ design are the attached solid wooden legs. Not only do they add a bit of quirky detail to what’s otherwise a simple design, but they also give you additional storage space below. And you can hoover underneath too.

cork wall

Oh yes, and that’s the cork wall. A relatively new addition to Charlie’s bedroom in an attempt to prevent the entire house looking like we’ve been fly-posted. Kids really want you to hang ALL of their pictures up don’t they? When they started to creep into our bedroom (wtf?) it was time to take action.

So it’s taken me over a year to sort the storage, the beds, carpet and now new furniture, but operation Charlie’s big boy bedroom is finally complete and i’m super chuffed.

Big thanks to Wayfair and Meble Vox for gifting the delicious drawers and wonderful wardrobe for this blog post. All opinions and words are my own (as ever) and I only write about brands I really love and think you will too.

Would love to hear what you guys think of Charlie’s new look room. D’ya like?


  1. Catherine says

    Dear Karen,
    If you place an ice cube in each of the indentations left in your carpet by your other furniture, as it melts it will plump up the carpet fibres & the indentation will be gone. You might have to repeat the process if they are really deep dents. Hope this helps, Catherine

    • Karen Knox says

      Cheers Emma. I bought a 5m long, 8mm thick self adhesive roll and hung it like wallpaper. Wouldn’t recommend it though as it’s a nightmare to keep it on hence the wooden frame screwed in all around….

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