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Popping my public speaking cherry #designupnorth

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Just a quick one today peeps, i’m still recovering from that last blog post… I hope you read it as it took me an age to write. Anyhoo – just wanted to let you all know that i’m making my very first panel appearance. I know! And you’re invited.

Do read on…

Redbrick Interiors Event(I’m one of the friends)

If you don’t know my northern insta buddy, Nicola Broughton (aka, The Girl with the Green Sofa) then here’s the low down.

The Girl with the Green SofaIt’s going to be fun. For you that is. I will no doubt be shitting myself and hiding behind a large Kentia Palm. I’m more than happy mouthing off on here where I can go back, delete, edit, re-write, but in front of actual, real life people, i’m a bit shy I am. And if I have to speak into a microphone, well then i’ll be mortified as you’ll definitely hear the remains of my childhood lisp and my hybrid north west, Yorkshire accent. Hopefully the next two weeks of elecution lessons will have paid off in time.

But seriously, it would be great if some of you would come down (or up, sideways maybe) and say hello. The last event I went to at Redbrick was super lovely. Look at how happy I am drinking fizz on a bed.

Tickets for the event are only £10 which can be redeemed against a purchase in store. So really they’re kind of free! Get your tickets here!

And before I go, there is only one week left to vote in this years Amara #IBA’s. Voting closes at 12pm on 19th September. I’m trying my best to get shortlisted for Best Interior Designer blog, but i’m up against some big names so every vote counts! This is the third and final time i’m putting myself through this hell (seriously, these awards are exhausting) so please click this link, pop your name in a box and click a button. Simples.


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  1. cliff knox says

    Just pretend you are telling me off about how my house should have this rather than that. Go girl you will be great, it’s in the blood line. Pops xx

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