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The Monochrome Family Bathroom – Final Reveal

Monochrome Bathroom Final Reveal by Making Spaces

Oh how I love a final reveal post. I get all bubbly in my tummy when I get to share something i’ve been working on for months. I really hope you enjoy today’s post as much as i’m enjoying tapping away on my keyboard right now….

Let’s start with the before pictures from my first visit in October 2017.


I wrote a whole post about the plans for this room, which included some mega important info about what to consider if you’re planning a bathroom. So, if you want to jump back one, then come back for the eye candy afterwards it would certainly make more sense.

But if you can’t be bothered, suit yourself. You’re in charge.

Monochrome bathroom with brass fittings


The brief:

Can you design us a Scandi inspired, monochrome bathroom, with some wood in? We need lots of storage, we’d like good quality fittings, we like minimal… but it still needs to be family friendly? 

Paraphrasing of course. It took a while to consolidate all of their ideas, needs and wants, but we finally honed everything down and this is the result. And i’m over the moon. As are they. Which of course is more important.

Let’s get on with the tour…

Monochrome bathroom

Tiles – Mandarin Stone

The tiles look those super expensive encaustic/concrete tiles, but they’re actually porcelain so require no maintenance whatsoever. And as the tiles look “aged” or worn already… they’re very forgiving on the ole dust and dirt front. No need to mop this floor after every shower. Great for families.

Monochrome bathroom with brass fittings

Stool & Basket – Ikea

Initially these guys wanted a bath and walk in shower in this space, which I vetoed straight away as the room wasn’t big enough. So we made the compromise most people have to and popped the shower over the bathtub. The shower screen pivots both inwards and outwards meaning a long, hot soak in the tub (with a glass of wine on the little black stool) still has that sense of luxury they really wanted.

Ok, let’s talk about these brass fittings…

Living House Brass Shower

Moca brassware and shower screen – Living House

Living House Brass Shower Valve

The quality is excellent. And I mean, very good. The Moca range has the option of coming in a raw or lacquered finish. These guys went lacquered so the brass doesn’t tarnish over time. It’s also easier to keep clean.

Living House brass hinged shower screen

The frameless shower screen was a bespoke order, again from Living House with the brass hinges looking mighty fine with all of the other fittings.

Kaldewei Bath with white overflow

Which brings me onto the bath. We searched hard for one that was:

  • Deep
  • Big enough for two
  • Double ended
  • No visible chrome waste or overflow

Kaldewei Bath Centro Duo

Bath – Kaldewei

The Duo Kaldewei bath was perfect. It’s a steel, enamelled bath with a centrally fitted, white waste with a white overflow positioned so you can’t see it at all from the front.

Encaustic effect porcelain tiles

It took us several Skype calls to configure the bath filler, hand shower and levers, so they aligned exactly and left enough space for the hand held hose to not snag on the pipework.

Lusson Stone basin

Basin – Lusso Stone

Again, a hidden waste keeping it nice and simple.

Finding the best place for built in storage wasn’t that difficult. There were originally two doors into this bathroom, one from the landing and another from the master bedroom.


The second door was blocked off and we built a recessed cabinet into the door casing.

Built in plywood bathroom storage

Joinery – designed by me, expertly crafted & fitted by Bare Joinery

Am so so pleased with how this turned out. Inside the cabinet is storage galore for bath toys, towels, bottles and all things bathroom….

Built in birch plywood bathroom storage

With a couple of open sections for posh bits and bobs and some greenery. Every bathroom needs a plant or five.

Built in plywood bathroom laundry

And instead of having a laundry basket taking up floor space, I added a tilting laundry box to the design. It even had a divider so you could separate your darks from your lights.

Built in plywood bathroom laundry box

I want one. Am well jels.

Birch plywood bathroom vanity and storage cupboard

The view from the shower. Yes, i’m standing in the bath here...

Monochrome and Birch plywood bathroom

Mirror – La Redoute

Tiled arched window

Across the room is the gorgeous original, arched stone window, which the tiler managed to tile up and around the arch. Impressive no?

View from the bathroom

And that’s the view from the bathroom. Impressive no?


Monochrome bathroom

Toilet –

Mandarin Stone Tiles

Towel Radiator – Feature Radiators


Family bathroom

Wall light – Bluesuntree

Before | After

I have to admit, am particularly proud of this project. It’s my first time working with a client on a full on bathroom refurb. I’ve obviously done our own bathroom and the loft shower-room, and consulted on other bathrooms remotely, assisting with the design and product sourcing, but this is the first time i’ve designed an entire bathroom, project co-ordinated and been involved from start to finish. Am chuffed. And as ever, I would love to hear what you guys think, please do let me know in the comments below. For now, I’m off to add this to my portfolio….


Big thank you to my fab clients for being so brilliant to work with and letting me share photos of their beautiful new space. Thank you!!x









  1. Ahhh you’ve done yourself proud here, lovely! I adore the pattern on the tiles and your clever storage solutions are amazing! Also really love the brass fittings (of course) and the combination with the ‘invisible’ traps – what a great find! Definitely bookmarking this one for the future. I’ve been updating my own bathroom but it’s just a little quickie refresh to make it more bearable and now you are making me want to rip it out and start over. 😉 xxx

  2. It looks so much better Karen and so much more lux. Love the bath and sink with the hidden wastes. Love the brass for a bit of extra bling (saw lots of brass in bathrooms at il bagno in Milan yesterday). And the storage is genius. It looks amazing and practical. You should be amazingly proud! Great result.

  3. Hilary says

    Love this transformation v clever too, you should be proud. These tiles are one of two on my shortlist, for our kitchen….they’re probably my faves. guessing I’d have to plan the pattern out for the tiler as they send a random selection don’t they?! Also wondering if the pattern will be lost along the wall with the cooker as it’s not a large space?
    Ooh the deliberations!!!

  4. I’m besotted with the storage you’ve created here. So clever and stylish! And don’t get me started on the tiles xx

  5. You should be very proud of it, it looks fantastic. I love the tiles, the recessed storage and the gorgeous brass fittings.

  6. Wow, sooooo gorgeous, Karen! The tiles are amazing and those amazing brass fittings look fabulous, as does the bespoke storage which is nothing short of BRILLIANT. Well done!! Your clients are very lucky :-).
    Are you able to tell me the dimensions of this bathroom? I’m going to be changing the size of my bathroom when I renovate, and although it won’t be big (possibly comparable to this one), I want to fit in a bath and separate shower… so just pondering some layouts. Ta xxx

  7. La-Ree MacDonald says

    Hello, really lovely bathroom. You have won me over to brass hardware. Would you mind sharing what the overall budget was for this bathroom? Thank you.

  8. It looks amazing, Karen. I love all the little details and the brassware. The storage is genius, too. I can’t believe how you transformed the doorway. That laundry box … so, so clever!

  9. Seema Minhas says

    Karen, a truly amazing transformation. Gorgeous tiles, and what great wisdom you have to have chosen lacquered brassware. We went for unlaquered Brassware in 2 of our bathrooms because I like the natural patina, but what a big mistake. The watermarks are unsightly, hard to get rid and many of the water areas end up building up the green patina which closely resembles mould, not a good look in a bathroom. Very high maintenance!! Safe to say I am now looking into lacquering it all!

  10. Emily says

    I absolutely love this and am planning to use these tiles in our wet room. Can I ask what colour grout you went for please?

  11. Sarah says

    Well this is unreal; I recently purchased these tiles for the floor. And also to do the bath panel. I’ve ink blue zellica tiles as a feature wall around the bath and brass fittings.. after seeing your amazing job maybe I’ll tile up the wall around the basin! I’ve been so nervous about it but this has given me some much needed confidence. Thank you!


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