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The Aquamarine Room – Pre-reveal

The Aquamarine Room - The Pre-reveal

We’re not quite ready for the final reveal for this project yet, but this room is looking a hell of a lot prettier than it did last October.

Before – Oct 2017

If you listed closely, you will hear it… can you hear the walls??

“Help me…. heeeeellpp mmeeee!!”

Not one to leave a room in distress I was more than happy to turn this room into something not only camera worthy but also ridiculously functional for my very particular client.

Anaglpya Wildacre Little Greene Aquamarine

Nearly after

I can’t always discuss my clients so candidly on the tinterweb… it’s not professional, but this client is an exception. Firstly, because she’s now a friend (for my sins) after working with her on and off since 2015.

Sherwood Forest Project - Dark Green Walls

Sherwood Forest – Jan 2016

And secondly she has been, now how can I put this nicely… she’s been a real pain in the arse during this project. I’ve said this to her face, so i’m not going behind her back here. She also reads my blog. So she’s now read it as well as hearing it from the horses mouth…. so to speak.

Magnetic Playroom – April 2016

One of the hardest things about interior design is getting the client to trust you. And rightly so. You’re making decisions about the way someone is going to live in their own home. Totally get that. But i’ve already done most of the ground floor and got keys to her house, so really I should just be allowed to just do what I want now eh?

Turns out not.


Anyyyywaaaaay, moving on. Let’s see where we are with everything so far.

(Please excuse the terrible lighting, these photos were taken at about 11am during that mental storm we had last week so the sun didn’t actually join us in Leeds until 1.30pm.)

All the walls have been stripped right back ready for new skirting boards, new coving and Anaglypta Wildacre wallpaper.


“Help me…. heeeeellpp mmeeee!!”

Homeplace Online Vintage Pendant Light

The new (old) ceiling light from Homeplace Online looks absolutely gorgeous in this space. The edges of the shade have green running through it that work beautifully with the surroundings.

Gplan wardrobe

The G-Plan wardrobe was £40 from eBay. Everything that’s gone into the room so far has been sourced second hand, the wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk, light….

The Aquamarine Room Pre-Reveal

… even all of the art has been lovingly collected over the past 12 months by either me or the lady of the manor. It gives her home a real sense of authenticity and warmth. It’s also a brilliant way of re-designing a room on a budget, plus being  excellent for the environment.

Anaglpya Wildacre Little Greene Aquamarine

And here’s the latest haul to go into this project from a weekend treasure hunt in Otley, a cute little market town in North Yorkshire.

That horrendously wonderful vase at the bottom is rather large. So much so we couldn’t fit it in our bag. Looked like we were taking grandma’s ashes for walk as we continued our Saturday stroll. Three separate people came up to us asking us what it was when we went for coffee and cake at Bloomfield Square (more on this place coming soon as part of #designupnorth)

Ha. Am still LOL-ing at how awfully brilliant it is. Never mind the sheer size of it. Can’t wait to get styling this room now. Time for shelves!!

Vintage interiors

So that’s where we are so far. Thoughts on the Anaglypta? The wall colour? That vase? My inability to keep my opinions about clients to myself?

As ever, i’d love to hear from you.  Happy Monday everyone!











  1. As much as I’m stripping textured wallpaper (wood chip anyone?) like a mad woman at the moment I love the look of this – possibly more for the colour than the texture although you could argue the texture makes the colour pop. Well done!

    • Karen Knox says

      Ah, how’s it going Kirsten? Still working hard down there by the sounds of it then!!

  2. The Grandma’s ashes vase is rather fab isn’t it. I feel I must share a story about my dad’s ashes. He’d have enjoyed it!
    When collecting his ashes from the undertakers I discovered he inexplicably weighed rather more in death than he had in life. I was planning to walk Dad home, so the undertaker very helpfully gave me a sturdy shopping bag designed for the job, in their (dis)corporate colours, but thankfully no logo embellishing it!
    When we took the ashes for a lovely scattering ceremony in the grounds of beautiful, beautiful Ham House, where he had happily worked, the family enjoyed me describing it as a ‘bag for death’.
    That’s all folks…

  3. You’re just jealous that I had a copper wall and dark walls and non-plastered walls as a feature in my rooms back in the 90s….

  4. The decoration, floor refurb, new skirting, etc look expertly finished… who is the talented craftsman you worked with on this project?! 😉

    • Karen Knox says

      Oh he’s the live-in handy man. Good isn’t he? Bit slow on getting the shelving done though… 😉

  5. Steady on! Timber is sourced and cutting sheet complete, only found your note an hour ago!

    • Karen Knox says

      That’s a whole 60 minutes. According to the TV you can makeover a whole room in that time!

  6. What has been done to the floor? It looks pale in the first photo, and deep and glowy in the next. Looks fab – what have you done? Love the colour. Hate that vase; I’d have a sad dusting accident if it was in my house…

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. It’s certainly not for everyone! Check out Rita’s comment below about the floorboards….

  7. Phil replaced the concrete hearth with some new floorboards so after staining them gave the whole floor a light sand and varnish. I accidentally said I’d used yacht varnish before so that’s what he used this time….I love it, very shiny. Want the rest of the floors doing in it now!

  8. Varsha | villas says

    The transformation of the rooms looks awesomely functional, Karen. I love the way you changed the whole look of it. The new ones are more spacious and practical 🙂

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