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Matalan, you dark horse, you!

So there I was, hunting for some home decor and accessories to style a couple of bedrooms i’m working on. Budget is tight which obviously limits where I can look. Matalan isn’t somewhere that’s really on my radar, i’ve never really had that much luck there and never ordered online from there either. But I randomly ended up on their site on Friday night (rock n’ roll) and was pleasantly surprised. Matalan are upping their game, so much so I had to write a post all about ’em.

Here are some pieces that I think you guys might like…

Nomad Textured Cushion – £12

Could easily be by House Doctor (with the House Doctor price tag) or one of the other delicious Scandi brands, but it’s Matalan as part of their Nomad range, which you will see more of as you scroll down.

Nomad Textured Cushion – £12

Great for those bohemian lovers out there and for £12 a pop you can’t go wrong.

Double Sided Mongolian Cushion – various colours and sizes – £10-15

Absolutely brilliant price and they come in two sizes and several colour. Super easy way to add some texture to a bit of bed styling.

Planter with Metal Stand (39 x 19 x 19cm) – £12

Can we all just take a moment here. It’s £12! £12 must be the new £9.99 as loads of pieces were priced the same. It’s not one of those piddly ones either, it’s a good size at nearly 40cm high. One to add to my Top 10 Mid-Century planters me thinks!

Hanging Macrame Planter Pot – £6

Yes, yes and yes. £6 for both the hanger and the matte, black ceramic pot. Get 2! (£12).

Nomad Tassel Wall Hanging & Macrame Wall Hanging

Guess how much they are each? Go on…


Bob on!

Cricket Brass Tripod Floor Lamp – £50

Matalan have a pretty good lighting department, it’s not quite on par with BHS, but there are some nice pieces. Although they’re still pushing copper which is a bit 2015/16. Brass is still at the top spot for now, so this Cricket Brass Floor Lamp is rather interesting no. Needs a lovely large corner to sit in though otherwise the design of that tripod base is wasted. Remember my piece on Negative Space?

Velvet Quilted Throw (230×170) – £40

I’m adding this as it’s £40 and velvet bedspreads are normally SUPER pricey. This is a fab find for a winter bedroom update. Comes in a champagne colour too. Probably best suited to a double bed so you have enough left to hang down each side of the bed. Nowt worse than a bedspread that looks like a napkin resting on your knee.

Table Top Tree – £6

A great piece for year round styling but especially Christmas. Pop this on your mantle piece or on a shelf in front of a black wall next to some mini succulents and “pop” you’ve got a brilliant little sculptural, monochrome vignette.

Patterned Ceramic Vase – £14

This is 50cm high, so it’s not a piddly little useless thing. Perfect to place on your hearth with a few stems of pussy willow or eucalyptus for a lovely mid-century style addition. Not bad for £14 eh? Would have been better if it was £12 though… purely for consistency.

Moroccan Style Rug – £60-100

These two rugs caught my eye from their small range. They’re polypropylene, so super easy to clean.

Moroccan Style Rug – £60-£100

They come in two sizes with the largest being 230 x 160cm for £100. Shame they don’t offer a 2x3m as this is the size I look for the most, but if you’re on the hunt for something slightly smaller, these are definitely worth a look.

Seagrass Woven Basket – £20

Yep. Can’t go wrong with a colour block woven basket. I have a basket in every room at home for time-friendly tidying. They’re brilliant for shoving “stuff” in and look cool too. More on my love of baskets in “How to Live with Kids and all their Stuff”.

Animal Sculpture £14

Not sure why I like this, just do. I can imagine the conversation i’d have with the small person about whether it was possible for a giraffe to stand on top of a lion… on top of a boar (?)…. atop an elephant. I’d err on the side of no.

Giraffe Sculpture – £10

And finally, another giraffe. Maybe I just like giraffes. In fact I do. Yes that’s why i’ve added both of these to my virtual Matalan shopping basket.

So there you have it, any surprises here? Anything take your fancy? This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, just wanted to share my finds with you all as I know affordable home accessories is something you guys like to read about from time to time. So just doing my bit.

Happy Monday peeps, have a good one!








  1. That planter and stand – £12!!! I made a DIY copper one on my blog and it cost me more than that – eeek! (I suppose it was copper though). Will definitely be purchasing this Matalan bargain. Thanks Karen 🙂

    • Karen Knox says

      I know, total bargain eh? Glad you liked the post Cara. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Wow Matalan. I’m in shock. I never really consider Matalan when I think of purchases for the home. You’ve just convinced me that is a big mistake. Such reasonable prices too. Love that plant stand. Off to have a look right now.

  3. I’m thoroughly surprised! Gorgeous items and great prices too! West Elm do a gold planter with a gold stand (similar size to the Matalan one) for £69!! £12 is such a great price. And £50 for that floor lamp?! I WISH I had somewhere for it, I love it! (Excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks, I’m genuinely wowed by these pretties at Matalan!)

  4. Jill says

    Some of their baskets and storage are really good value 🙂 The velvet throw has gone already, not surprised. In the dark depths of the Internet one day I saw someone had laced together the edges of two smaller rugs with leather cord (to make a feature of it rather than hiding the join), quite a good idea if you can’t get one big enough?

  5. i always pop into my local one when I’m over there and there’s lots of great stuff but I always forget to look online! thanks for the reminder!

  6. Alexandra says

    Note for things out of stock – I went to buy the planter and it was out of stock. Signed up for Matalan to tell me when it was back – and it came back in stock within 24 hours so don’t give up!

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