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Your Top 5 Versus My Top 5 for 2017

Magnetic Plaster Gallery Wall

It’s that time everyone!!

What, more cheese? Mulled wine? Charades?

No, you daft bugger, it’s time to look back on and reflect on this year’s happenings. Because 2017 certainly didn’t fail to deliver. It’s been a good year for Making Spaces overall, and despite still being as skint as a third year university student, 2018 looks set to be another fun year.

So for my final post for 2017, I wanted to share with you the blog’s top five posts.


First up are your top five, the ones you clicked on and read the most. If you missed any of ’em throughout the year, it’s worth a catch up as they’re as relevant today as they were when I wrote them.

Here are the Top 5 as chosen by you dear readers:


No. 5

Plywood floorboards, ply flooring

The Loft Bedroom – Final Reveal

After the epic 17 week build that was the loft conversion, the newly formed loft bedroom was the first space I revealed on the blog at the start of 2017. It felt absolutely great sharing this with you all and you guys seemed to like it too. Ta very much.

“What a triumph Karen. I had to do a double take when I read it was the guest room! I’m packing my overnight bag right now. Absolutely love it all.”


No. 4

What’s caught my eye? Ikea 2017

You sure do like your round up posts and this one from February got you all clicking away. I mean, who doesn’t like Ikea?!

“What a great run down of ‘hidden gems’….. I might have to have a sneaky browse on Ikea now, thanks for the inspo.”


No. 3

My Top 10 Mid-Century Planters

Another round up post all about big, fancy plant pots. Certainly didn’t expect this to make the top five, but it seems to have hit the spot for a lot of you plant lovers out there.

Brilliant timing. I’ve been looking for the same thing today and these are fabulous prices. Thanks for sharing.”


No. 2

Upper Brook Street Guest Bedroom Final Reveal. An Edwardian guest bedroom is transformed from a beige box to a stunning, magical space. Intrerior Design by Making Spaces #styleitdark

Upper Brook Street Project  – Final Reveal

Am still super proud of this project. Since the final reveal back in May, this project has been featured on Houzz, Apartment Therapy, MADE.COM, Mad About the House and pinned over 5k times from the blog post alone. The feedback on this project still gives me butterflies. So thank you very much indeed for making this such a well loved project and one of my best posts for 2017.

“Hi Karen, Honestly stumbled onto your blog while obsessively flicking through images on Pinterest. I am in LOVE! Absolutely and madly in love with this room … like I would never leave it, not even if the building were on fire! Died and gone to interiors heaven, love!!! Thank you for sharing!”


No. 1

What’s Going on with Paint?

Written in March, 2017, this post alone has had over 10k hits so far this year. And it’s still gets the most hits every day. Definitely worth a look if you’re planning on some painting and decorating soon.

“I’m so glad you’ve written this. It is a complete minefield. I was a decorator before starting my design business so have a lot of hands on experience that goes back to the introduction of VOC labelling (essential so we can see where the real nasties are) and introduction of water based alternatives by some companies. Not all decorators takes such great delight in research as you and I do”


Ok, so they were your five most read posts for 2017 but which ones have I chosen as my top five? Let’s have a peep…


No. 5

Ever wondered how to create your own room edit or interiors mood board?

How to: The Interiors Moodboard

This one took me an age to write, but it’s something i’d been meaning to share with you all for ages. If you’re wanting to create your own moodboards at home and most importantly don’t have access to fancy apps, programmes or “skill”, this post is for you. I had a load of PM’s, DM’s following this post from people that had finally managed to get their head around how to create their own moodboards and I was so pleased it helped so many of you.

“Oh no – what have you done to me!? I’ve only just started blogging and it’s taking a whole load of time as it is without you introducing me to a cool piece of technology *waves goodbye to all spare time* 😉 Anyway, I am so bookmarking this article.”


No. 4

What is Negative Space? – Part 1

I so loved writing this one. I find myself writing the odd paragraph in my head from time to time, and this is a post i’d written (in my head) several times already. Felt really good finally getting it down on virtual paper. Although I still need to finish writing Part 2. Will add that onto my list of TTD’s for 2018!

“Really good post Karen, and a refreshing take on the whole use of space. I’ve been looking at so many interiors lately where every surface and wall is crammed with stuff and it just doesn’t appeal to me. Was beginning to think it was just me! Thanks for this.”


No. 3

loft conversion attic extension building design bedroom bathroom

What we’ve learnt from doing a loft conversion

Oh this felt soooo good to write. Took me 8 hours to get it all down, but it was worth the migraine that followed. Felt like i’d exorcised some demons, I tell thee!

“I loved it. Loved reading about the journey and especially helpful you putting costs in – it helps give perspective.”


No. 2

What to consider when choosing art for your home? Orientation, scale, format....

How to choose art

This post came about after a comment on one of my Instagram posts. I do love a good analysis session about why some things work and some things don’t. And art is something i’m continually changing, so it was a lovely post to get my teeth into.

“Oh crikey!! What a fab blog post. It makes such sense but is something I would never have thought of myself. Thanks for this. Now starting to rearrange my artwork. I have two pieces of art which I treated myself to when possible but I have never felt they were shown to their advantage. Going to follow your guidance and see how they look. Thanks.”


No. 1

Where to spend your money at home?

And my favourite post from 2017 was actually the very first post I wrote, all the way back on January 4th. Who’d a thunk!?

“A brilliant post. I wish I had written it! Brilliant advice as ever Karen. XK”

It was Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House fame who left that particular comment. Turns out, Kate loved the post so much she featured it on her own blog the following month. Then a few weeks later it was published in the ‘i’ paper  as part of Kate’s weekly design column. A very proud moment indeed.

So there you have it. Any posts you’d missed? Hopefully there were a few that were new to you, otherwise this will have been a pretty boring post.

I will end by saying thank you once again to each and every one of you that have stopped by and read my ramblings over the past year. You’re the only reason I keep writing this crazy ass thing. It’s you, your likes, Pins, shares and comments that keep me going. Here’s to a new year of fun and frolicks.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018. See you on the flip side peeps xx











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