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Help Me Help You

Ok guys, I need your help. Can you? Will you?

I’ve been writing this ere blog for about 2.5 years now and it seems I’ve gotten away with a spontaneous (unplanned), eclectic (random), stream of consciousness type approach. I don’t think my blog will ever win any awards, because it’s not my full time job, but I would like to get a bit of continuity going (if I can). So I need your help to make some decisions.

My plan is to do a monthly #designupnorth post. Because us northerners need it.

I’d like to continue writing about my projects, the good bits, final reveals because it actually really helps me with my work. And hopefully it’s remotely interesting for you guys to see the design process too!?

I also enjoy writing a good product sourcing round up from time to time. I spend soooo much time searching for hard to find pieces, it’s a brilliant way of sharing all my finds with you guys. I mean, we’re all still looking for a bath screen with black fittings for less than £350 aren’t we?

But… would you guys like to read something else? Any areas where i’m not quite hitting the spot? Because it’s you lot that keep this blog going. So whadya want?

Here are some ideas i’ve had so far:

  • Design Dilemmas – post ’em in the comments below in and i’ll try my best to solve one the following month. Any good?
  • ‘How To’ posts?
  • More random-ness? Those ramble-y posts where it’s clear i’m just getting something off my chest about the interior design industry or when i’ve had some kind of lightbulb moment?
  • A.N. Other?

I’d love to hear your ideas, so please, if you’re sitting here reading this post (possibly thinking i’m a little needy?) then leave me your thoughts, because I get tired of having mine sometimes.

And happy Tuesday. A very much underrated day of the week I find. Have a good one!







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