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#designupnorth – 1

I’ve been waiting to launch this new hashtag for about two years… but in between setting up and running Making Spaces, writing a blog, then setting up the Interior Design Collective (and trying my best at being an average wife, running a house and keeping a four year old alive), I never really had the time to set this up properly.

I’ve written several blog posts already highlighting all things #designupnorth, which you can check out here:




In true me style, I just popped it on my Instagram feed one evening last week, with literally no planning or forethought (highly overrated that stuff) and waited to see if anyone else was on board with the concept of shining a light on all the wonderful creatives up North. Well it seems a lot of you were as notifications kept pinging in… absolutely brilliant!

So here’s what i’m hoping:

  • If you’re somewhere up north, love, live or work in the creative/interior design field and want to highlight just how much bloody talent we have up here, use the hashtag #designupnorth in your Instagram posts.
  • Put where you are based in your Insta Bio’s. If it’s blank. People assume you’re in London. True story.
  • Each month i’ll be showcasing a northern based design-nut on my blog and on my Instagram feed and any northern design events that are coming up so you can all keep tabs on what’s going on up here.
  • You all connect with one-another. Support each other. Share each other’s work, links and websites. Others in the same field as you are not competitors, they are your peers. In the creative design field there is nobody else just like you. Another true story.
  • And last but not least, this comment from Bolton based Woodchip & Magnolia sums up perfectly my life goal:

Before I die, i’d love to see something like London Design Festival up north (which seems a ridiculous task right now, but anyone who knows me knows how determined I am). What I need is for you guys to get on board, because in just one week there’s been 568 Instagram posts using the hashtag #designupnorth.


So whadya think? Up north? Work in, love and live design? I’d love you to get involved. Spread the love, share this post and get tagging your posts with #designupnorth.






  1. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be a Northern Design Festival rivaling the London one. Someone just has to organise it!! Set a date now. 20/02/2020 has a nice ring to it? While I certainly can’t claim to be a Northerner, ever since I raced a boat halfway round the world promoting Hull I’ve had a big soft spot for all things Northern! You already know I think you’re brilliant, so please get cracking on this Design Festival. Would give me a good excuse to come up and visit some friends at the same time!

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