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Nyssa Sharp

Nyssa Sharp is an artist currently living in Sydney, Australia with Grizzly, her pet bunny. I first came across her work hanging on the wall of a room I spotted on Instagram a few months ago. And since, have been trying to find out more about the piece of art hanging on a wall, that made me instantly stop scrolling.

The Girl with the Yellow Skirt Nyssa Sharp

The Girl with the Yellow Skirt

It took me a while to find out who this piece was by, but as soon as I discovered it on esme grey designs, it was in the basket and ordered.  It’s still available to pre-order by the way for delivery by the end of this month.

“A lot of people think that The Girl with the Yellow Skirt is an oil painting, but I made it on my Macbook Pro using a drawing tablet. It is the most important piece I have ever created, and I get the most feedback for it. It is so cool and beautiful to know that people connect with it so strongly.”



Girl in the White Sweater

There’s not that much info about Nyssa online but it seems from her Instagram account, that she’s been drawing, challenging, distorting and creating art for a long time. All of her work showing a clear focus towards portraiture depicting the inner female narrative.

“My studio space is just my bedroom. I make most of my drawings and paintings on my laptop or my iPad, so I don’t need a lot of space for an actual studio. One day, I would like to have a separate space where I can really stretch my legs but for now, my bedroom is where I feel the safest and most able to make art and explore my practice.” 


“My greatest accomplishment is just seeing how much my art has changed and developed over time. Finding out who I am as an artist and finding my own point of view is the best thing that has ever happened.”


As you already know, art is one of my (many) weaknesses. I am always finding new inspiration to add to my surroundings, moving things around, playing with colours etc. And I love sharing the discoveries and things that make my tummy flutter with you guys, because maybe you’ll love them as much as I do? I’m very much looking forward to seeing The Girl with the Yellow Skirt pop through my letterbox later this month. I’m already clearing a wall ready for its arrival.






  1. Ivana says

    Snap! I’ve had the girl in the yellow skirt open in one of my tabs on my phone for months now. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was not knowing where I was going to put it. But she was so mesmerising that I couldn’t close the tab… I think I may just have to get her and then find the perfect spot once she’s here.

  2. Tabitha says

    Love it – perfect choice for any wall! Also really inspiring to hear how Sharp pays attention to how she has developed as an artist over time, and takes that into consideration in her work.

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