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We have carpet!

Can you believe it was this time last year that we started our loft conversion? How quickly have the last 12 months gone?

Open plan landing and staircase

We finished the staircase earlier this year and finally got the build signed off in June. Phew! But the one thing we still hadn’t managed to sort (afford) was the carpet. You can see in the image above where the old box room wall and door were as our old, battered carpets were a kind reminder of the house’s former layout.

Luckily for me, Flooring Megastore were happy to work with me to re-carpet our stairs and open plan landing. Whoop! They stock an enormous range of flooring (carpets, vinyl, laminate, engineered and solid wood) including just what I was looking for.

Associated Weavers Lochay –  Fossil

I opted for Associated Weavers’ Natural Wool Collection in a warm stone shade. I wanted something with grey undertones for more of a Scandi vibe. Especially as the space it was being fitted was all white and birch, birch and white. It’s 50/50 wool and polyester, so, super hardwearing whilst still feeling soft and natural underfoot.

Once i’d booked my carpet fitter, I placed my order with Flooring Megastore which  arrived exactly on schedule. The day before we (Pete) ripped up all of the old carpet and underlay, then spent two hours pulling up oodles of staples in the floorboards and staircase.

Thanks hubby, I know how much you were looking forward to doing this bit.

And here are the spaces, empty all ready for my friendly, local carpet fitter to do his thing.

Yes, we decided to update Charlie’s room too so the whole upstairs had the same carpet. Don’t all projects end up being twice as big as you originally plan?

Flooring Megastore happily gifted me the underlay for our landing but we purchased exactly the same for Charlie’s room. Never ever ever scrimp on underlay. Buy the most expensive you can afford. There really is no point in buying a quality carpet and shoving a crap underlay underneath. The Cloud 9 Caviar & Crystal (check out that branding – luxury market anyone?) is suitable for Heavy Domestic areas so for our staircase and landing it was perfect. And it’s dense. VERY. We had a fair few creaky treads on our staircase which are soooo much quieter now. Result.

Ok so I reckon we’re ready for some After pics now. Let’s go.

Before | After

Now, some of you might prefer the overall look of the original carpet that came with the house. But for us is was a bit too pink and the pile was mega thick which meant we could never get it clean, what with our cat, Chooch rolling around on it.

She doesn’t actually do this. If she did, i’d pack her off to the cat circus and be making my millions. But it’s funny.

We wanted something much flatter, so went for a short loop pile which should be loads easier to hoover, but with our “Caviar & Crystal” underlay it still feels super squidgy underfoot. Am very much enjoying that new carpet feeling at the moment and luckily I had a pedicure at Center Parcs last week so my feet were camera ready.

Before | After

Our landing feels so much longer since the carpet has been carried straight through. So good to get rid of the old carpets after all the building work from last year.

Loft Conversion – Week 10

Bye bye old carpet – hello new layout!

Carpeted Staircase

My journey to work every day is now a pleasure. I’ve stopped tutting when I get to the top of the stairs and turn towards my office.

It’s made such a difference and finally, the signs of the loft conversion and remains of all that building work have finally disappeared. Super chuffed.

Associated Weavers Natural Wool Collection

Huge thanks to Flooring Megastore for supplying the underlay and carpet for our stairs and open plan landing. I can highly recommend these guys, having placed an order for the same carpet and underlay for Charlie’s room too. You’ll see more pics of that room as soon as we have his new bed.

So if you’re looking for flooring for you own projects, check out Flooring Megastore. The site is easy to use, the ordering process was simple and they even have a list of local fitters they can recommend. Long gone are the days when you need to buy from a physical store in order to get your flooring fitted. We saved 50% by going wth Flooring Megastore and sorting our own fitter. Which meant we could afford to get Charlie’s room sorted too. Winner winner chicken dinner!


Would love to know what you all think of the new threads peeps? You like?

Flooring Megastore

Post written in collaboration with Flooring Megastore. But all opinions, words and images are my own. I only ever work with brands I really like and think you guys will like too.


  1. Love that shot from above looking down on the landing and stairs, so seamless. It looks fab, finally all came together.

  2. Looks really stunning Karen! Well done, you’re vision is complete. Amazing what a difference a quality carpet makes! 👍💕xxx

  3. Wow, doesn’t that look amazing. Totally agree about getting the best underlay you can afford, it makes all the difference. Well done on a fabulous makeover x

  4. Deirdre O'Brien says

    brill! You’ll fly through the hoovering now! Flat pile is so much easier. (3 german shedders here) Are you leaving the new bannisters au natural? They look super.

    • Karen Knox says

      Just this minute finished hoovering 🙂 So much easier!
      And yes, I think we are. The plan was to paint the fronts and backs white, but I don’t think we can be bothered now. We kind of like it as it is. Glad you like it too!

  5. Iz says

    I know this is a very late comment, but i just wondered if you’d had any problems with your cat’s claws and the loop pile? Am trying to decide on carpet and I like the look of loop, but have heard that it can be an issue with pets…

    • Karen Knox says

      No not really. I had a sample delivered first and let her sit and play with it for a while to see how it fared. No issues with the loop really.

  6. Vincent Bodinier says

    Thank you for your articles. I just discovered your blog while doing some research for our new house. I really like what you have done with your home. The style and all choices from kitchen to stairs, loft, carpet and extensive use of plywood, all this really resonnates with me. I am in a similar mindset and I am looking to use birch plywood for most of my bedrooms furnitures.
    I really like this carpet you have chosen. I am also looking for a very short pile carpet and I was wondering if you remembered what the pile height was?
    We are looking online at the moment and it is quite difficult to appreciate width and pile height from photos without any measure to refer to.

    Best wishes, Vincent

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