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What’s caught my eye at H&M Home this week

I’ve been researching some final styling pieces for a couple of projects this week. H&M Home is somewhere I often pop to for bargainous goodies, and as ever it didn’t disappoint.

Credit – Katie Lee for MADE

The Block-patterned cushion covers from H&M were used in the Drawing Room Project (which was featured on Apartment Therapy this week. Yay!) I also bagged their linen pom pom cushion covers in the winter sale for our loft bedroom.

Pom poms!

The downside to researching products for clients is that you want about 80% of everything you come across. It’s like sitting next to a cake all day and not eating any of it. Where’s the fun in that?! So what I like to do sometimes is show you guys what I really like, in the hope that one of you will take the plunge. Shopping vicariously through you. I’m such a feeder.

Yep. That’s me.

Here’s what’s turned my eye this week at H&M Home. I shall accept no responsibility for any impulse purchases made after reading this post. Let us commence…H&M Home

Washed linen bedspread, 260cm x 260cm – £119.99

That’s enormous. Plenty big enough to completely smother a king size. One to consider for a snuggly TV sesh in bed.

H&M Home

Washed linen bedspread, 180x250cm – £99.99

H&M Home

Tall stoneware vase in black and camel – £17.99

I keep going back to these. Love the simple shapes and that fleshy camel colour. Very easy to slip into a shelfie.

H&M Home

Embroidered Cotton Bedspread – £59.99

It’s a fab size at 180 x 250cm and will transform your bed in about 4 seconds flat. This will undoubtedly sell out. So hurry up.

Wool Blend Rugs, 140x200cm – £119.99

Not bad eh? H&M are giving us some pretty nice floorwear at the mo.

H&M Home

Jacquard-weave wool-blend rug, 140x200cm – £119.99

I think this is my fave. Am really liking this simple oversized design. It’s a shame they don’t have any bigger sizes in these, but you could always treat yourself to two and layer them up for a more casual, boho look perhaps?

H&M Home

Embroidered Cushion Cover – £19.99

My finger’s hovering over the buy button for this one. Love that camel and black again. Alas, I fear we won’t actually fit on the sofa is we add any more cushions to the mix.

H&M HomeCushion Cover with Pom Poms – £19.99

Anytime I see pom poms, I just feel happier don’t you? How could I not share this?

Wool-blend cushion cover – £17.99

And these. I think that’s enough cushions now (said dear husband. Every day).

Jacquard-weave bath mat – £17.99

Now these are pretty sexy as bath mats go. They come in a few sizes including an oversized one, perfect for bathrooms that warrant a rug as opposed to just a mat. Great price too!


H&M Home

Metal Vase – £12.99

And completely unnecessary, but I just liked it. And it’s in the sale. A gold, metal horse head vase. Add some flowers and you’ve got a floral mane. Two words I never thought i’d use together in a sentence. But life’s funny like that isn’t it.

So then. Have I tempted you with anything? It is bank holiday weekend after all, and you know… sales.

Have a good one peeps!


  1. The sexy matt camel and black pitchers, that stunning camel, black and white cushion!! Oh my god, I’m so in love with that combination at the moment. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ME. I’m turning into a neutral lover and I don’t know who I am anymore. *points finger* Enabler!! 😉 xx

    • Karen Knox says

      Haha. You do make me laugh. It is nice though eh? It is neutral, but still quite bold. Could totes see that cushion on your lovely bed 🙂 #enablingagain

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