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My Top 10 Brass & Gold Pendant Lights (for under £250)

Ceiling pendant lights are one of the items I spent the most time searching for. The choice our there are the moment is completely immense. However, it’s still not easy to find affordable, statement lighting. And when I say statement, I mean, something that’s big enough to take hold of that space above your head.

Gild Hall Hotel – NY

For a 2.4m high ceiling, you want something at least 35cm diameter, preferably 40cm. For a 2.6m ish ceiling go up to around 50cm. Any higher you’re going to be looking at around 60cm +. The grand/er the better really, especially if you have a ceiling rose. Fitting a crap, piddly light into a beautiful, period ceiling rose is just rude.

In my opinion of course.

But these big statement lights can be so darn expensive. And a lot of my clients (like me) don’t have that kind of money, so finding something for less than £250 can be a real arse. So I thought i’d show you my top 10 finds over the past couple of weeks, because maybe you’re looking for something too!? Stranger things have happened!

So here goes:

Lapal Gold Hoop Ceiling Pendant – £59, Iconic Lights

Cubik Geometric Ceiling Pendant – £59, Iconic Lights

Fab prices no!?

4 Branch White Glass and Gold Metal Chandelier – £155, Maisons du Monde

How pretty is this? So very perfectly Art Deco.

Jaxon Gold Metal and Frosted Glass Chandelier – £96, Debenhams

Massively reduced from £320. At £96 this is one to Pin to your lighting board.

Atlee Antique Brass Pendant Light – £157, Laura Ashley

Perfect for those of you that like your lighting with less faff. For the lovers of cleaner, minimal design.

Gold Palm Leaf Cara Pendant Light – £150

Gold Metal and Frosted Glass Romy Pendant Light – £150 (both Debenhams)

Brass Kaleb Pendant Ceiling Light – £200, Debenhams again

A good choice for those of you that like shades with your lighting instead of glass or naked bulbs. A softer, more classic way of getting a feature brass light into your home.

Culinary Concepts Flux Pendant Light – £249, Next

And number 10 is an absolute corker. I have to confess it’s a wee bit over £250 but it’s nearly 100cm in diameter. It’s completely amazing!

Bombazine 7 Light Pendant Antique Brass – £267, Lights2Go

I would absolutely love to get the “Bombazine” into a project. Anyone have a really high ceiling that needs some brass lighting love? Because if you do, THIS is what you need. Right now.

Anyway, I hope a couple of these finds have tickled your fancy. Let me know if you’ve found any beauties on your virtual shopping travels. And of course, have a lovely weekend peeps!



  1. Oh my good god, that Bombazine pendant!!!! I so wish I had a need for a new light somewhere… hmm… what can I replace… lol xxx

    • Karen Knox says

      I know! Isn’t it amazing and 98cm diameter!! You’d better find that new house of yours quick sharp!!xx

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