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The Elusive Round Mirror

They’re not easy to find you know, round mirrors. Well they are. But BIG, round ones are not. I’ve been working remotely with a lovely client down in London for a year now. We’ve been making small but quite significant changes to their living room and hallway.

Project – During (photo by client)

After some fancy bespoke joinery by the man of the house, a new dining table, dining chairs, cow hide, Robin Day sofa from eBay and a lick of paint… these guys needed a large round mirror for the chimney breast. If I had my way, i’d most likely have left the chimney breast bare for some negative space between the two alcoves, but the room is very dark and the window is directly opposite the chimney breast. A mirror was much needed to help bounce the limited light around.

The mirror had to be round to echo the new Tulip dining table and soften all those vertical lines from the alcoves and shelving. And because I didn’t really want to see the mirror, I suggested something frameless. The chimney breast in question is 160cm wide so in order for it to not appear like a weird dot in the space, the mirror needed to be LARGE. At least 100cm in diameter kind of large.

To-scale mock up of a 100cm diameter mirror in the space

Have you ever tried looking for a 1m diameter frameless (or very minimal silver framed) mirror? For less than £150? It’s a fun game.

It’s not.

Take a look at some of the stuff I found whilst looking for “the one”.

Anna & Beau – 100cm Round Frameless Mirror – £275

Anna & Beau – 100cm Eccleston Round – £185

Laura Ashley – 100cm Constance Round Mirror

£140 in the sale which is amazing. If you’re looking for a gold/brass tone mirror, I demand you purchase this tout de suite.

Laura Ashley – 100cm Tamworth Round Mirror – £175

Laura Ashley – 100cm Evie Round Mirror – £231

I think this would fab against a darker wall colour, don’t you? It looks a bit “meh” on that wallpaper.

William Wood Mirrors – 100cm Carla Silver Mirror -£105

So close, but that detailing is just a bit fussy for the room in question.

Select Mirrors – 100cm Bowman Round Mirror – £275

And just when I was about to give up, I started looking for glass and mirrors cut to size. It can’t be that flipping hard to get someone to cut a circular piece of mirror can it?

Apparently not!

Made 2 Measure – 1000mm diameter mirror, frameless 

BINGO. And at £79 it was just the ticket, well under budget. It might not look like much, but it’s the sheer scale that will make the impact. No fancy frame required. And an order will be placed today. Hoorah!

Just to finish, here’s a pic from the Sherwood Forest project where I used a 120cm diameter round mirror on a wide chimney breast, just incase you’re still not sure about the round-ness.

Absolutely the right shape to have on a chimney breast with no mantel or fire surround.

So are any of you are considering a new mirror at the mo? Any here that take your fancy?


  1. Ooh I love a big round slim-framed mirror and I’d have been jumping on the Laura Ashley one (amazing price!) except (i) I have nowhere for it right now, (ii) no big purchases allowed till we get around to doing our reno. What’s the £5.2k one? The link isn’t taking me to a £5.2k mirror. Is it foxed with real gold or something? Do another round up like this in a couple of years when I’m in the market for new things ok? 🙂

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Sure thing. Will pop a reminder on my phone now 🙂
      And yes, it’s antique venetian mirror, £5.2k for the 100cm dia one. I’ll take two!

    • Gail Marsden says

      Hi Karen ,my fireplace is 150 cm wide by 125 high. I’m loving the Evie round mirror from Laura Ashley. I have romo Arbor wallpaper ( the dark grey colour) from John Lewis on. Do you think that mirror would be ok or do you think it might be a bit too large

      • Karen Knox says

        Definitely not too big. I’m assuming you mean the larger of the two Evie mirrors?

  2. I had this exact dilemma 2.5 years ago!

    Not sure if they still stock it but I bought a frameless round mirror from John Lewis. They did it in 2/3 sizes and the hook is invisible, which is exactly what I wanted. I believe I got the middle size and paid about £130.

    I still adore it to this day.

    • Karen Knox says

      YES Becky! That was the exact one we were going to get…. but JL have stopped selling it. Sad times…

    • Karen Knox says

      Ooh nice find! But yeah, that’s an investment piece. You’ve got to REALLY want and commit to a mirror that size. Although they’re pretty timeless as mirrors go and really easy to slip into so many styles of room. Maybe keep an eye on the sale?!

  3. Round mirrors remind me of globes; completely round is such an unusual shape when it comes to interiors so for me it has a kind of eclectic feel, and an air of intrigue. Similarly, whilst a rectangular mirror feels functional, a shaped mirror is more of a decorative piece and displays craftsmanship, therefore sitting well in a position where a picture might otherwise be. Needless to say, their ability to open up a room and reflect light is so desirable.

  4. Emma S says

    I love this blog! I’ve made so many purchases from the amazing products you find. I’ve been looking for a round mirror for my living room chimney breast for months. I love the Laura Ashley one, my chimney breast is 130cm so do you think a 100cm mirror would be the right size?

    • Karen Knox says

      Oh that’s great, am pleased to hear you find it helpful Emma. Thank you. Hard for me to say about your own chimney breast, would need to know what ceiling height you have, do you have a fire surrround/mantel piece, what’s in the alcoves etc.. it’s about the wall as a whole you see.

  5. Susi says

    Love the way you & other designers incorporate light enhancing mirrors in your interiors. Our 550mm round mirrors have proved so popular that we’ll be introducing a 800mm later this year – especially for you 😀

  6. Leigh Harrison says

    Where’s that last mirror from on your Sherwood Forest project. It’s exactly what I need!!

  7. Laura says

    Hi! Love your article. I’m making my own mini dresser (my husband stole the space above the drawers for a tv pffft) I’m looking for a round mirror, not sure about styling rules. Should the mirror diameter always be less than the shelf/mantel/table? If so is there a rule of thumb on by how much either side? Or can it be equal to (which I doubt?).

    I will have two chunky walnut floating shelves 60cm long. I have some brown ikea wicker baskets which I’ve sprayed with a clear/gold sparkle varnish to brighten them up. The shelves will be spaced so that there’s slide in neatly.

    So am I looking for a 40cm or a 50cm round mirror? I don’t know … im thinking modern simple style maybe antique bronze to tie in with the warmth of the walnut wood in the room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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