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Interior Design Collective

Interior Design Collective

I know.

It’s been a week since I last posted.

And i’m sorry.

I think it’s fair to say my head has been well and truly buzzing this week with the amount going on at Making Spaces HQ. Not only have I got a new chunky project on the go (more on that soon), i’ve also launched the Interior Design Collective with the very lovely, and ridiculously talented, Fiona Duke from Fiona Duke Interiors.

fiona duke Interiors

Say hi to Fiona everyone **waves**

So here’s what’s been going on in the background for the last few months….

Fiona and I have been chatting about developing a network of specially selected, freelance Interior Design Creatives. Because, something like this is very much needed right now, and i’ll tell you for why.

Interiors is the new fashion for the 30-50 something crowd. Staying in is the new going out. Our homes and surroundings are what we’re spending more of our disposable income these days. And with social media platforms like Instagram, people are sharing their surroundings left right and centre and hashtagging the crap out of their photos. I’ve easily lost a couple of hours on a night just chatting to fellow interior lovers across the country as the Instagram interiors community is a pretty friendly and supportive bunch too. So for those of us with kids, who are stuck in doors on parent duty of an evening, we still feel like we can have a bit of life away from home, by virtually visiting other people’s.

The market is there. Engaged, ready and waiting. However, approachable, accessible and creative interior design is not.

Affordable and creative client-led Interior Design has never been in greater demand. But it’s still not easy to find those interior designers out there that work with real people, in real homes with realistic budgets. You know how I know this? Because Fiona and I have spent the last few months looking for them. And we know where to look too! How is your average person out there working full time with a family supposed to find time to sift through endless website searches and Houzz accounts?

The amount of emails I have every week from people all over the country asking me for consultations and design work is a bit bonkers. And whilst I’d love to be able to work with everyone, it’s just not possible. I’ve tried and it’s flipping hard. Sometimes I can and have worked remotely with clients, which takes me onto “E-Design” a rapidly growing side-line business for a lot of Interior Designers. Advances in technology have allowed online design services to be successfully brought to the market, making interior design more accessible, convenient and affordable. However, there are still restrictions in this modern-day digital age and you still can’t really beat fully interactive, face to face communication, especially for those larger, more detailed projects.

So what do I do when I get an enquiry from London, Cumbria or Essex? I want to be able to help them out, but being in Leeds limits the impact I can make from 200+ miles away. Making Spaces just can’t work nationally, but the Interior Design Collective can. I want to be able to pass the people i’m not able to work with on to a designer who can. Someone who approaches their work in the same way, with similar working practices, ethos and charges. And this is where the idea of the Interior Design Collective was born.

The Interior Design Collective brings together all of those super cool, hard working interior design creatives that are working their butts off to run a business in an industry that is growing faster than we can keep up with. We find em, so you don’t have to.

Fiona and I have been searching high and low across the UK for individuals that are a perfect fit both style and ethos wise. Here’s what we’ve been looking for:

  • Independent interior designers, with a:
  • Website with a portfolio of projects
  • Instagram account
  • Houzz account so we can keep an eye on reviews
  • A certain something…. a style, a vibe, an open-ness to being and doing things a little differently

And we will continue to scour the country to find other independent Interior Design Creatives that will enhance and compliment our small but perfectly formed growing network. We hope that by next year we will have a maximum of 30 members and a website launch to showcase our awesome members and explain in more detail what we’re all about and our plans for the future.

So that’s what’s been bubbling away in the background for the last few months peeps. Despite not officially launching until later this year, we opened the Interior Design Collective’s Instagram account on Sunday and the response so far has been all kinds of awesome.

We’ve been introducing our members one by one to kick off, so you can discover everyone who’s part of the collective so far and see some of their work. It’s got such a good vibe already. Fiona and I are super excited about our plans further down the line. Click the logo below to give us a follow on Instagram and join us on the journey.

Interior Design Collective

So then, I’d absolutely love to know what you guys think about our plans, have I explained it well enough? Any questions? Please do let me know.


  1. Oh my god Karen this is bloody AMAZING!! I’m so freaking proud of you for coming up with such a damn good idea. And now I kinda wish I was an actual interior designer so I can join you guys. So much damn talent you’ve shared here and now I’m running off to follow all of them on IG. Love this idea and have no doubt it’ll be a huge success! xxx

    • Karen Knox says

      Yeah yeah yeah!! I’m so glad you get it, and like the whole concept. Once the IDC is all set up, I can’t wait to move forward with the next steps. It’s all v exciting. We’ve got some fab members so far!! Big thanks Ms D, it means lot xx

  2. Sorry it’s taken me a while to comment, but can I give you a big HELL YEAH! I know I can’t take advantage of this excellent initiative what with being overseas and all, but this is simply fabulous and I wish you all the very best with it!! Already enjoying the insta feed 🙂

    • Karen Knox says

      Thanks so much Jill! Who knows… maybe in years to come the IDC will be “international baby”.
      So glad you’re enjoying the insta-feed. And thanks again, I really appreciate your support!!

  3. A huge well done to you on the launch of the IDC, what an absolutely brilliant idea! The talent is immense, as evidenced by the absolutely gorgeous instagram feed! xx

    • Karen Knox says

      Yay! So glad you like the idea. We’re really excited by it. Many thanks for following us. I can’t believe we’re nearly at 1000 followers in just over a week. Bonkers!xx

  4. Such a brilliant idea, Karen – and you’re so right in your thinking, it’s a collective that’s been waiting to happen. I think you should put out a press release too, if you haven’t already?! Exciting times… Xx

    • Karen Knox says

      Ooh no, but that’s a good idea. How do you even do that?x

  5. What a fantastic idea! There is definitely a gap in the market. As I’ve said so many times before, if we were closer I’d have you do my whole flat. So having a network of like minded people all over the country will be just brilliant. Go you!!! And go IDC!!!

  6. How exciting! What a wonderful idea Karen – I look forward to seeing it all unfold and develop, whilst discovering plenty of new interior designers to lust over on Intstagram 🙂 Wishing you the very best of luck x

  7. what a great idea! it’s so hard to even know where to start, particularly outside of london and on a more manageable budget than some of the real high end work. Great stuff, look forward to reading more about it!

  8. Susan says

    I’m not a designer, just interested in this world, but I love a couple of podcasts aimed at designers- firstly LuAnn Nigara on A well designed business and secondly Nick May on The chaise longue. Both American but very entertaining and informative.

  9. How very exciting, what a fantastic idea and a lovely support network for designers! I’m in the process of setting up my own interior design business, similarly offering people advice on decoration projects. I have my first client and presented the designs this week and they loved it! Such a buzz. Would love to join once I’m a bit more established 🙂 xxx

    • Karen Knox says

      Oh that’s great news Cate. All the very best for your next venture. I’m sure you’ll nail it! 🙂 x

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