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A mini makeover (for Chooch the cat) with Sandtex Rapid Dry Paint

Outdoor Rug Samti in Beige

I have a theory, and I’m not 100% sure if i’m right, but I put it to you, dear readers, that interiors nuts, home-birds and people that rather like being by themselves (me) are cat lovers, whilst fans of the great outdoors, fresh air and company are dog owners. What do you think? Is this a load of crap? Or am I onto something here?

It will be no surprise to see I’m a cat mummy. I really couldn’t hack the needs of a dog. I like dogs, don’t get me wrong, but i’d never want to walk own one. Despite my son, aged 3, saying we should take Chooch back to the “animal shop” and get a refund and buy a dog instead. Because she stood on his foot the week before. Fair enough.

Primrose Tabriz Outdoor Rug

Our recent Garden Makeover from earlier this month

Chooch was rescued from the RSPCA on my 30th birthday, eight years ago now and she makes me laugh (and curse) every day. She’s put up with a lot over the last few years. Moving house, learning to live with a baby, learning to live with my hubby, a kitchen knock through and most recently, a loft extension. So it was time to give her a little treat. She’s an indoor cat really, but does like a waddle around outdoors from time to time, so she has a little cat kennel (on the very left in the pic above) incase of weather emergencies.

*Note Chooch laid out under the conifer in the background

But it was a bit of a mess and looking ready for the skip. Luckily for both me and Chooch, Sandtex® got in touch to work on a little makeover and very kindly sent me some paint from their brand new Rapid Dry Plus Gloss range.

They had just the colours I needed to give Chooch’s little outdoor shelter the boost it needed; Cranberry Swirl and Cotton Tree.

I opted for the Rapid Dry paint because i’m impatient, the quick drying time and low odour being a big plus. Despite it being water based, it went on just like a solvent based paint. A really good thick application with plenty of working time before it started to dry and cure. Only time will tell if it performs the same as an oil based paint, but I was impressed with the level of shine on the finish, very glossy indeed, something you don’t normally achieve with water based paints.

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Sandtex offer a range of wood and metal paints which are suitable for outdoor projects. And in a range of pretty cool colours too.

Rapid Dry Plus Soft Satin

Gentle Blue – Bay Tree – Cotton Tree

10 Year Exterior Satin

Gentle Blue – Oxford Blue – Collectors White

10 Year Exterior Gloss

Hot Mustard

I was very tempted by a bit of ‘Hot Mustard’ how good would your front door look painted in that? But as our garden has mainly claret, stone and heritage green as its palette, I think I chose the right colours for Chooch’s wooden, garden palace.

And here it is, après makeover:

Sandtex Cranberry Swirl Rapid Dry Gloss Paint


See the kind of activity I was referring to before. A slow and steady stroll. Unfortunately, Chooch was not digging the new position of ‘Chateux Cat’, so I moved the property to the worst part of the garden, because that’s where she likes to hang out. Somewhere that gave her a better vantage point for the magpies and her food bowl in the kitchen.

Cat Kennel Makeover

The jungle end of the garden. Don’t judge me.

I also chucked some Dreamies in the kennel so she squeezed her big bum into shot. The things we do eh?

Sandtex Cranberry Swirl Rapid Dry Gloss Paint Cotton Tree

How pretty does that look now it’s all clean, bright and shiny again? The hubby cut a new piece of timber to replace the bit that had rotted to smitherines. Then I gave it two coats of Cranberry Swirl and Cotton Tree on the trim.

Sandtex Cranberry Swirl Rapid Dry Gloss Paint Cotton Tree

She even stayed in once she’d polished off her snacks, which means she was definitely happy. As am I.

If you’ve got any outdoor projects still to sort this year (i’ve still got all the pots to do) then take a look at Sandtex® Wood and Metal Paints. But for today, i’m outta here….

Cat Kennel

…. like Chooch the cat.

Sponsored post – This post was written in collaboration with Sandtex®, but all words and opinions are my own and I only ever work with brands I really like and think you guys will like too.


  1. Gilly says

    Not sure about your theory Karen. As you know I’m a dog owner but also an interiors nut who is perfectly happy spending time alone. So mmm I think the jury is out on that one. But I do love Chooches make over. Beautiful colour. The mustard against the dark grey was fab too. All I can say is lucky Chooch! X

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Oh I know. You’re not the only interiors lover I know with a dog. But your little pooch is only small 🙂
      And thank you, Chooch is currently burning off 2 calories an hour, outside. I don’t know how she keeps this level of energy up!x

  2. Haha, I like your opening theory! I’m a cat lover, natch.
    Red decor is said to be energising, so watch out for an increased feline work rate any time soon (but maybe don’t hold your breath. Cats just can’t be a****, can they!)

    Having surfaced my pet themed wallpaper idea on social media yesterday I had better get on with a feline example. I have models lined up…

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Honestly, i’ve just seen her walk across the road from my office window. I don’t think she could have walked much slower. She’s so funny. And yes, an arse. And yes, I saw your new range of wallpapers on Instagram yesterday. Good luck with the cat photoshoot!! (It’s not easy)

      • Haha, Oh nooooo! I won’t be shooting cats. I have cat-lover friends who are pimping their own little darlings for the project. But you’re right. You cannot direct a cat!

        Sadly my own little beauties (Harpo, Chico, Saffy, Orlando and Zak) now have wings. They are very slowly flying around cat heaven.

        • Karen Knox says

          Oh i’m sorry to hear that, Linda 🙁 I know i’m gona miss my furry face loads when it’s her time.

  3. Aww well I’m a cat lover myself and don’t get me wrong, I love my pooch to bits but cats are much more my speed (ie, slow with a nice side helping of attitude). I love Cooch’s little makeover – much more befitting to such a regal feline queen! Gimme time indoors with a kitty to cuddle and I’m a happy introvert xxx

  4. Jane Holland says

    Love it Karen, and love Chooch too! I’m a cat lover as well, have a look at the 3rd post on my Instagram feed, you’ll see Pebbles at home in our Breeze House! Think I can feel a makeover coming on! X

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