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[vinegar & brown paper]

I don’t normally write seasonal/calendar driven blog posts. Mainly because I don’t buy into “Insert random commercialised event where you’re obliged to spend money on stuff you don’t really need” days. The next one coming up is Father’s Day. I know this, as Sainsbos have been selling Father’s Day cards and stocking up on socks and Maltesers for about a month already. You may have also noticed Father’s day “gift guides” popping up left, right and centre and today’s post is kind of one of those…. but it’s also not. It’s also an introduction to [vinegar & brown paper].


[vinegar & brown paper] is the creation of fellow Yorkshire resident, Andy Poplar. In his former life, Andy was an award winning advertising creative but he decided to quit his job because in his own words, “it began to make me unwell”. In his search to do something different with his life he came up with the idea of etching glass. And what a good idea it was too. Because his work is bloody brilliant.

andy poplar studio

So now you’re in the know, let me show you some of Andy’s work. All of which I would happily receive as a gift on any day of the week if anyone I know is reading. If you, yourself happen to be looking for something for your old man for this Dad’s day, then you can’t really go wrong with one of these pieces.

elbow grease

“Sometimes I have to keep a piece for months before the words come to me and sometimes it’s immediate. I love that point where you know it’s just right and you get a buzz. That’s the joy in the creative process.”  Yorkshire Post

shot glass of inspiration

loved beyond measure

Definitely one for my dad. And my hubby actually. I’m always losing his tape-measures. And spirit levels. I’m good at losing stuff. And I wuv them both.

a solution for everything

half full

My dad. And my hubby.

half empty

Me. And my mum.

MaLt etched labflask

I can so relate.

I dropped Andy an email to see how everything was going at his Yorkshire based glass etching empire. It’s good to check in sometimes. Here’s what he had to say…

“It’ll be six years since I began [vinegar & brown paper] this September, and I occasionally have to pinch myself about how it’s grown since then…. 

take care of yourself fuel gauge

…. I’m currently in the process of trying to finding new ways of increasing production (without exhausting myself), whilst retaining that joy of creating new pieces that it was all about in the first place. Part of this is exploring more ‘one-off’ vintage and larger art pieces, to sit alongside the main ranges.”

I’ve had my finger hovering over the BUY button for the vintage “take care of yourself” fuel gauge all morning. It’s just brilliant.

I do already actually own a [vinegar & brown paper] lightbulb. My hubby knocked up a DIY lamp in his shed just for said bulb.

Vinegar & Brown Paper Bulb

DIY Lamp

Alas, the bulb has now blown, but I keep it in a box as a keepsake, because it’s too beautiful to throw away.

If you’re looking for something unique for yourself or as a gift for someone else, I dare you to not find something that makes you smile on [vinegar & brown paper]. Last orders for Father’s day is Monday 12th June. So don’t mess about. Instead of getting socks and Maltesers again this year, how about something just a bit different?

And by the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just really really like Andy’s work and I think you guys will too. Let me know what you think.


  1. Gilly says

    Love this stuff! Might have to treat myself or Mr Fowler. Andy is a clever boy! X

  2. Ah I remember seeing his stuff at a market near me years ago when he’d just started out. So glad he’s still going strong and the pieces are even better!

  3. For starters – what a cool name for a company. I’m actually tempted to get something for myself. Clever guy x

  4. bloody love this stuff – and the story that goes with it makes me like it even more

    thanks for the intro x

    • Karen Knox says

      You’re v welcome. He’s a lovely guy too. And from Yorkshire. So wins all the points!!x

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Have just bought the half full and half empty beer glasses for my boys to give my husband. He can choose which one he drinks out of depending on his mood. Brilliant x

    • Karen Knox says

      Oh that’s ace. So glad the post was helpful and you found something. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Very cool brand name, and equally cool products – thanks for the intro Karen! x

  7. It’s lovely to hear of creative people making a success of their ideas. These are all lovely and the words are inspired. x

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