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Updating your interiors with Posterlounge

Monroe by Rosa Picnic

As you guys will probably know, i’ve been faffing around with our living room gallery wall for a while now. Ya know, since I finally painted all the walls black.

Gallery wall

Finally black.

I liked it, but it wasn’t quite right. Not yet anyway. Luckily, around the same time, Posterlounge got in touch asking if i’d like to work with them on a post. Erm yes please! Yeah, I would. So I jumped onto their site and began the search for new art and artists.

Gallery wall on black wall

Stage 1 of operation ‘Gallery Wall Update’. Still not quite right.

The Posterlounge site is BIG! They have A LOT of stuff and the best thing is it’s all super affordable with prices starting from around £6.90 with free delivery. Pretty good eh?

Waiting Magritte by The Usual Designers


Absolutely love the colours. Clouds and faces. Faces and clouds. They get me every time!

Waiting Magritte by The Usual Designers

They have everything you could think of; photography, illustrations, abstract, realism, surrealism, advertising posters, paintings, graphic design, digital art, collage art, typography…. The list is endless, so it took me a while to fill my basket. And you can also choose your format. Do you want it on a poster? A canvas? On wood? Or acrylic glass, Forex or Alu-Diobond, all of which can be used indoors and outdoors. Artwork in the bathroom or garden anyone?

Home office with Magnetic wall and OSB Desk

I ordered everything in varying sizes and in poster format. Three days later, a poster tube arrived safe and sound with all my new goodies. Just as promised on the site. Ace.

Magnetic Plaster Gallery Wall

‘Monroe’ by Rosa Picnic

I didn’t really know where everything was going, I just chose pieces I liked. Best way to buy art I always think. My love of Marilyn is long lived. I have a few pictures of her around the house already and ‘Monroe’ by Rosa Picnic just made me smile. I love her expression, her pose, the simple pop of colours. Destined for my magnetic gallery wall in my home office, she was.

Monroe by Rosa Picnic

‘Certain kind of magic’ by Louie Jover

Along with ‘Certain kind of magic’ by Louie Jover. I’ve nearly bought this so many times in the past, so it was a no brainer to pop the beautiful rainbow head-explosion in my basket.

He Was Ideal by Evgenij Soloviev

‘He Was Ideal’ by Evgenij Soloviev

And a small piece of surrealist art by Evgenij Soloviev, featuring gravity defying feats and another small cloud in the sky.

Back to the living room gallery wall to see what else I discovered.

Rosemary by Peg Essert

‘Rosemary’ by Peg Essert

Or Flower Face as I call her. Rosemary was the perfect colour for this room. And she had a cool blouse on. Where can I get a blouse like that?

Marla and Marilyn

‘The red stripe in the head and cigarette in the hand’ by Marko Koppe

This piece by Marko Koppe just made me laugh. Art that makes you smirk is a good place to start. So there’s one more piece to add to this wall to pull it all together.

Gallery wall mid century, dark interiors

‘Angelene’ by Ryan Pickart

I took a gamble on Angelene by Ryan Pickart being the piece this gallery wall needed to make everything else click. I wasn’t sure if the white would be a bit cold, against all the rich mustards, reds and oranges in the room, but it actually works really well and gives the gallery wall the focus is really needed.

Posterlounge framed posters

Stage 2 of operation ‘Gallery Wall Update’. Complete

Angelene by Ryan Pickart poster detail

Absolutely love the colours and the brush stroke detail picked up on the poster print.

Eclectic gallery wall

Definitely check out Posterlounge if you’re on the hunt for affordable ways to update your interiors. Refreshing your artwork, maybe moving it around or adding one or two new pieces to the mix can be a really simple way of giving a space a new focal point.

Mixed media artwork on black walls

What do you reckon guys? You like the update? Let me know what you think of my new art finds and which one is your favourite!

Written in collaboration with Posterlounge. All opinions, words and images my own, always. I only ever work with brands I love and think you will love too. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Making Spaces.





  1. I love the Marilyn picture, it’s really fun and different from the usual ones I’ve had on the wall before. The pictures look great against the black wall!

  2. I love all your art picks. That’s not really surprising though, is it?! Ha! I know we’ve talked about this before but I think our tastes are so similar when it comes to art, it’s a little scary. My favourites are ‘Certain kind of magic’ by Louie Jover and ‘Angelene’ by Ryan Pickart but they are all rather fantastic. You do realise now I’m going to have to check out Posterlounge and try to hold myself back from buying the same ones, right?! Ha! Gorgeous post and your gallery wall is looking sweeeet. xxx

    • Karen Knox says

      A-ha. I knew you’d like Angelene. We truly are art-twinnies aint we? 🙂 x

  3. Art is such a great (and affordable) way to transform a space. I love all your picks. It’s brilliant how well artwork can help add a touch of personality to your home as well.

  4. This such a great collection. A lot of designers forget to budget for art in their projects, so keeping such an expansive site in your back pocket will help if you’ve not included art in your plans. And like you say, just updating one or two pieces can add a new refreshed feeling to a space.

  5. They’ve got really unusual artworks, I’ve never seen any of these before so it’s nice to discover something new you haven’t already seen a million times on Pinterest. x

  6. Arielle says

    Woahh… I really like your gallery wall! Those colours in front of the dark wall simply look amazing <3 But how did you get the wall of your home office that concrete like? I love it!

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