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GROHE Sense – The Water Detective

Grohe Sense Unit

What would you say the biggest risks to your home are?

Fire? Burglary?

You’d be right. They come in at one and two. Any idea of what’s third on the list?


That’s right. Good ole H2O.

My other half is very handy around the house, he can turn his hand to most things, joinery, bit of building, DIY, electricals, but the one thing he always leaves to the professionals is plumbing. Because the damage water can cause to a property is not easy to a) diagnose or b) rectify.

Grohe Sense Water Sensor

GROHE have spent the past two years researching and identifying a major gap in the consumer market which has resulted in the development of a new, exciting product. First of its kind and one that fullfills all of their core values:

“Quality, Technology, Sustainability & Design”

Grohe Sense Unboxed

The GROHE Sense detects flooding, frost and humidity. It’s your diligent water sensor working 24/7, responding to the presence of water where there shouldn’t be any. Your very own in-house water detective. The H2O Hunter.

All of us will have clocked the recent rise of smart and intelligent devices. Some of them useful, others gimmicky. This definitely falls under the “useful” category.

How does it work?

As soon as water comes into contact with the GROHE Sense, it sets off an audible alarm and red, flashing warning light. A notification is then sent directly to your phone, via the GROHE ONDUS app, so you can quickly get to the leak and prevent it from becoming something much worse.

Sounds good no?

Grohe Sense Detail

The Sense unit itself is only small. Reminded me of a mini pork pie. A small, white, perfectly formed pork pie. Being small, it can be positioned anywhere in a room of your choice. We opted for our tiny utility room, on the floor next to the washing machine. Seemed like a good a place as any.

It only took me about 10 minutes to set up. Yes, even I managed to follow the simple instructions:

  • Pop in three AAA batteries which are provided and will keep it running for up to four years by all accounts.
  • Download the Ondus App onto your phone.
  • Follow the set up instructions on your handset. Connect your device to the App and your wireless router, you’re good to go.

How to set up the GROHE Sense

Obviously, we weren’t really going to know if it worked until we had some kind of water disaster at home. Which I hope we never have. So I did a quick test by placing the unit in a small tray of water. Straight away, the unit begain flashing and beeping at me and a warning message popped up on my phone informing me of a flood risk at home. How cool is that?

The GROHE Sense is completely brand new to the market, and available to buy very soon, retailing at £51.99. Which is nothing compared to the average cost of water damage to properties here in the UK; £2500!

Here’s a quick fact check:

  • Only 18% of those interviewed close the main water pipe and the water inflow to the washing machine when they go on holiday. (We’ve never done this, have you?)
  • At more than £2500 on average, the total financial cost of fixing water damage in the UK is among the highest in Europe.
  • In 20% of cases, it took about a month until water damage was repaired.
  • 48% of people were not reimbursed for the water damage they incurred.
  • With a rate of 11%, awareness of water damage warning systems is lowest compared to the other countries. (I’d never even heard of them before now, had you?)

Grohe Sense Water Sensor

It’s a great idea isn’t it? We’ve all got smoke alarms at home these days, so a warning system for water damage seems like a no-brainer really. What do you guys think?

I was very kindly gifted the GROHE Sense unit as part of this review. But I only ever work with brands I really like and think you guys will like to. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Making Spaces.



  1. That’s so clever! My friend’s bathroom pipe burst – the water came down her living room wall! Luckily she was in at the time. I hope you have a great day! x

  2. I’m dying to review one of these. I’m going to give it to my sister to test as her little boys always leave the taps running at bath time.

  3. Very clever! When we were renovating the bathroom, we were always scared of leaks that we might not have realised until too late – thank goodness we never had any major issues but you just never know with that kind of thing! Good idea and not terribly expensive either 😉 x

  4. I could have done with one of these a few years ago when a leaky water tank caused havoc. It took weeks before we found out where the water was coming from in the kitchen below. Might have to look into getting one. x

  5. I hope you never find out if it works, we could have done with it a few weeks ago! We had water falling from the ceiling!! Luckily I was here

  6. I have had so many leaks in my home. 6 months ago believe it or not, the ceiling in our bedroom fell down. This would be perfect for us.

  7. I have mine installed near the washing machine too Karen, seems like the best place. We could have done with this when my OH had his big flat and cellars, they always filled with water. x

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