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A post about curtains… and I hate curtains

Society 6 Curtains

I have several issues with curtains. Mainly because they’re a nightmare to source. Why are they so complicated? And it’s not just me, I have it on good authority, that i’m not the only interior design-y person that hates looking for them.

Brigitte loving her drapes. Something i’ve never experienced. Ever.

Can you believe i’ve still not found any a) I can afford and b) like for our living room… and we’ve been here for nearly five years now.

Completely by accident, I stumbled across some pretty darn cool curtains on Society 6. I was on there filling my basket with artwork, when I noticed a new section on their site. I knew these guys sold shower curtains, throws, wall hangings, bedding etc… but it seems they’ve branched out into window coverings, launching their curtain range just last week.


Each panel is 50 inches x 84 inches (about 127cm x 213cm), so not great for period properties with high ceilings, but should just about work in homes with average 2.4m high ceilings.

Coral Peach Sea Green Gradient

A few people have already requested a longer length option on their site, so keep your eyes peeled incase they cave to demand. They’d definitely sell more if they offered a better range of sizes.

Minimal Complexity

“The thick, but lightweight, polyester fabric filters sunlight to create a dim glow you’ll want to relish in all day long. And they’re super easy to hang, just slip any curtain rod into the four inch pocket at the top and you’re good to go.”

So basically, you’re going to need black out blinds if you’re thinking of buying some for your bedroom. But for a light window covering, they would do the trick.

Night Garden XXIV

They’re priced at about £60 for a single panel and £95 for a pair. Which isn’t too bad, but a 10% discount certainly helps, which you’ll get if you sign up to their newsletter.


They’ve got a real mix of designs available so it’s worth a look. And it seems more and more artists on Society 6 are uploading their artwork in the relevant sizes so it translates to curtain dimensions.


The concept is great, but I’d be really interested to see the quality of the fabric and print before I start getting too excited.

Mid Century Block Pattern

Anyone fancy ordering and letting me know?

Tropical Leaves at Night

Curves Window Curtains

Young God 001

So whadya think? Any designs here take your fancy? There are certainly some that take mine. Especially the gradient/ombre designs which would be perfect for a Scandi, minimal room design don’t cha think?

Do you have any go to places to shop for curtains? Places where the price point doesn’t require me to take out a small loan. Spill!


  1. Suzie says

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I want to kiss you! They won’t of course fit my windows but it is encouraging to see some lovely curtains for a change. I have been looking for 12 months. All the fabric I love is £90 a metre and as I need 17 metres for one set- it just does not add up.

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Kiss away! And I know. Curtains are more expensive than sofas, but 100000 times more difficult to sort. Maybe they will do some longer lengths soon… keep an eye out!

  2. Oh wow such a fab selection! Why oh why aren’t they long enough for my Victorian rooms though, wah.

  3. I am currently in curtain hell as well for the living room. I love that coral pink gradient one but my only hesitation is that I’m not sure how easy they are to pull when not on rings or hooks. Hhhmmm. They have great designs though!! Thanks for telling us about it!

  4. Ha ha, ‘I have issues with curtains’ 😀 I so agree with you, though, they are a nightmare, I cannot ever fathom out what size I need, whether they’ll be wide enough and they are flipping expensive.

    I love Society 6 and all their clocks and stuff, so if the artists can upload their designs for curtains, wow that’s a curtain revolution! I think I’m ready for some bold curtains – those Citrine ones and leafy palm designs are just fab.

    • Karen Knox says

      It is a revolution! Now we just need them to sort out the sizing and we’ll be set!

  5. Angela says

    Adding another voice to the ‘curtain hell’ fray… I’m currently decorating my first home and aghast at the cost of curtains. I’ve got long windows so struggled to find anything ready-made. Ordered a simple pair of curtains from Dunelm (once I’d sifted through all the shiny, heavily textured, Jacquard-style fabrics) and even they were eye-wateringly expensive. There’s a real gap in the market for affordable curtains in interesting designs. Thanks for this post!

    • Karen Knox says

      There really is Angela! I don’t know why it’s so difficult, but i’ve not met one person who’s had an easy time with curtains at all. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’m really not a fan of curtains either, but there are some lovely options here. As you say, I’m sure the more people who ask for them, the more likely they are to expand the range to longer lengths – fingers crossed, eh?

  7. Lucy Hutchin says

    It was a few years ago now but I found amazing curtains in Primark – lovely deep colours and they came in extra long lengths and extra long widths. I got a pair for a large set of patio doors for £20!

  8. Gilly says

    Haven’t got onto the curtains yet, still checking out their Art! What a fab choice. Thanks for the recommendation Karen! ( But from what I did see the curtains look fab)

  9. I agree. Sourcing curtains is a pain. And made to measure are prohibitively expensive. I like the botanical prints here, but like you, I’d need to see the quality.

  10. Sarah Ross says

    I don’t understand curtains either…thought it was just me! Someone buy some of these and let us know Xx

  11. Jules says

    Why are plantation shutters not an option?
    We are renovating a period house and looked at both curtains and shutters. We are going with shutters at the moment because curtains just seem to be compromise.

    • Karen Knox says

      They are, and they’re lovely in period houses. Perfect for big bay windows. Alas my home does not have period property proportions. It’s a 60’s 3 bed semi. They’re also VERY expensive.

  12. Jules says

    Valid point. We were looking at curtains on the basis that it would be easy and affordable to change the look of the room etc. Due to the number of windows and lack of affordable curtain options I think we will just bite the bullet on shutters at the front of the house at least. I liked some of the curtains in West Elm – they were at least the right length but still not cheap.

  13. Your not alone on the curtain hate! So tricky yo find the right size, colours, pattern or not pattern! I do love the gradient colour ones, really pretty.

  14. Karen Mac says

    I love the designs I see at Society6 but am wondering how they fabric looks in person? I know they’re polyester but I feel like that can be a real range of effects…. has anyone seen in person?

    • Karen Knox says

      I got some. I didn’t like them at all. It’s a no from me i’m afraid!

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