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My “Go-To” places to shop for interiors online

Where to shop online for interiors

Today, i’m sharing with you guys the places I ALWAYS go to when looking for pieces for projects. I’m sure you will have heard of most of these websites, but for those who struggle to find new places for interior inspiration and find themselves getting stuck in the “Next, M&S, John Lewis loop”, here are my top ten online spots. Nine times out of ten, I find what just what i’m looking for from one of these ten places.

Lets go.

La Redoute

I don’t think i’ve done a project in a long time that’s not had at least one piece from La Redoute. A really good place to take a look for pieces of furniture, soft furnishings, rugs, accessories…

They ALWAYS have a sale on, so you should be able to get at least 25% off most of the time. If you can wait until a BH Weekend, then they have been known to knock off 40%. That’s when i’ve filled my basket!

Maisons Du Monde

These guys have only just started advertising in the UK, so you may not have heard of them yet, but you will soon enough. I first found their site back in Sep/October 2015 when I was searching for a EU King Size bed frame. Maisons Du Monde had just what I was looking for.

We’ve have the solid oak Portobello bedframe at home now for 18 months, along with one of the matching bedside tables. Really happy with the quality of both. And they were delivered by two French men. Just sayin’.

The Goa, black four poster bedframe has just gone into my latest project.  Oh and the monochrome bedspread in our loft bedroom was from Maisons du Monde too.

Ps. If you take a look at any of their beds, don’t get caught by the fact they don’t come with slatted bases, you have to buy them separately (from Ikea).

You’ll all know about i’m sure. But just incase…. here’s what’s “made” it into Making Spaces projects so far. (That was awful, Karen).

I’m not convinced i’ve even remembered everything to be honest…. and i’ve got two Frame armchairs due to arrive any time soon into my latest project. V. excited to see those. And don’t forget, Made are no longer just online, having opened several showrooms across the UK and even some in Europe.

Swoon Editions

I’ve not actually bought that much from here, but I always look. Swoon have some really beautiful, limited edition designs, one of which was used in the Blue Room project.

Their sofa range is growing nicely, now offering several more fabric options to each style. Definitely worth bookmarking.


Another place that’s great to have on your radar is Bluesuntree. I’ve used one of their Jarle sofas in a commercial office re-design and the black and copper Hoxton wall light in the Eclectic Living Room project.

They mainly focus on Scandinavian and Mid-Century design and have some great lighting choices. So if this sounds up your street, take a look.


I love this place. Benuta specialise in rugs and have an array of designs and styles and in lots of sizes. Finding rugs is pretty easy these days thanks to the tinterweb, but finding LARGE rugs from around £200+ is not easy at all.

I have one of their 2 x 3m geometric rugs at home in our bedroom, which has been great. And the best thing was, it was less than £200. The enormous acid vintage rugs came in sizes up to 3x4m, so not one, but two made their way into the Sherwood Forest project for around £500 for the pair.


No need for any intros. Just look at home many times Ikea has appeared in projects i’ve worked on. And not just how many rooms, how many different style rooms.

If you look around your own home, just start counting how many bits you’ve got from Ikea. I bet there’s more than you think. And buying online is so much easier now they’ve updated their delivery charges. No longer a flat £35 per order, you can get small parcels delivered from as little as £7.50. Result.


So that’s seven of my top ten. The other three places I keep an eye on are:

I’ve yet to purchase anything from these guys just yet, but it’ll only be a matter of time i’m sure.  Anyhoo, I hope this list helps at least one person out there. Do you have any places you swear by? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Friday y’all!


  1. Hi Karen,
    I started collating my own online interiors black book last week to share on my blog… and all of these places are on there! Most of them are new discoveries for me. Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Sandra says


    Thanks this is super helpful. The bedspread from Maisons du Monde online but still available in their stores. I bought one this morning in Bologna, Italy. So if you are venturing abroad over the Summer you could check out one of their stores.

  3. Jill says

    I love Rockett St George but I’ve only bought one candle and a soap dish so far! I like the range of lighting they have. I’ve almost bought things from Made in the past but their long delivery times are difficult if you are impatient or buying in a rush like me.

    • Karen Knox says

      RSG do have some nice stuff, but it’s more the finishing touches. You can find things on Made that you can get your hands on within 2-3 days, but yes, you do have to be patient for the big ticket items!

  4. Alan says

    Found a site called Trouva the other day which has some really cool stuff on. I’ve not ordered from them as yet. Urban outfitters have a good home section also.

    • Karen Knox says

      They do. I often pop onto Urban Outfitters for a quick squizz. And yes, i’ve bought several bits from Trouva now. Great for accessories!

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