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Let’s talk about Next…

I tend to dip in and out of Next. They have had bursts of genius in their homeware department… which tends to come and go, so it’s always pot luck whether i’d find something of interest.

Antler Chandelier

Antler Light from Next used in my Eclectic Living Room Project

Next have certainly stormed into 2017 wearing their best pants, giving us some SERIOUSLY good interiors inspiration. Some of it I want right this minute. And I think you might too.

Come see.

Spheres 6 Light Brass Pendant Light – £130

Oh my actually bloody hell what??? Can you see this? Yes, it’s from Next. And it will sell out. So if you like it, flipping buy it now. At £130, this is a steal when similar chandelier/multi-arm lights are selling for £500+.

Palm Tree Table Lamp – £60

It’s so cool. Not too crazy. A great way of adding a subtle touch of personality and fun to your bedroom or living room.

Evelyn Pendant – £35

Oh this is just ridiculous. £35? They may as well be giving them away. How lovely would a row of three look down the hallway of a period house? Love it.

I got very excited by these. Hand blown, glass pendants, especially multi-coloured  designs are coming through strongly this year. (See Curiousa & Curiuosa)

Fluid Iridescent Glass Pendant – £120

This large pendant is the one i’d love to work with in a project. I really like the organic, imperfect shape, giving the light a sense of movement and individuality.

Now onto sofas.

Botanical Overload!

The Gatsby Sofa is the perfect shape for all of you Deco lovers out there. Such lovely proportions and lines without it being too gimicky.

  • Top Tip – Never buy an entire range of furniture from one shop, these pieces on their own are beautiful enough to stand alone, mixed in with other styles to give a more organic relaxed look. Everything from the range, all together in one room is just too much. Matchy matchy is not a look I like at all. It lacks creativity, confidence and personality. Add your own!

Gatsby Sofa

The curved arms and stitched panels across the back give this simple design just enough detail. The matching footstool with the same horizontal stitching is a lovely touch too. I’d definitely have this in velvet.

Did you know Next sold their fabric too? So you can reupholster your current pieces of furniture or have some curtains whizzed up in a jiffy?

No, neither did I.

Twilight Garden Printed Velvet – sold by the metre

I would absolutely love to re-cover a chair in this. Wouldn’t it be beautiful? You can see the Gatsby sofa below in this very fabric. It’s a stunner.

Who’d a thought you could get a velvet, House of Hackney style sofa from Next? Am totally sending the link to this fabric over to my upholstery lady right now (and meandering around the house working out what I can reupholster…)

Talking of House of Hackney and all things boho glam, check out these cool feather filled cushions as part of Next’s Clarke & Clarke range. How Witch and Watchman are these? But without, the £100+ price tag. At £40 a pop these are a much more affordable way of adding some #junglalow style to your favourite sitting spot.

And lastly, two pieces I just must buy (because we have so much money left after our loft extension)….


Monkey Print Cushion – £15

I need this  in my life right here, right now. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I remember my nan having those little brass monkeys on her fireplace. I have fond memories of playing with them when I visited. Which is why I bought these little critters a few months ago…

My collection of ornamental monkeys may be about to increase by one, thanks to Next.

Gold Effect Hanging Monkey – £30

Peeeeete! Please can we have a brass monkey hanging on the wall?? Pleeasse?

And that ladies and gents is what’s got me excited at Next. They’re doing some sterling work on their homewares and bringing bang on trend, and highly affordable pieces directly onto a high street near you. Just what we all like eh?

Penny for your thoughts…?


  1. Next is BACK!!! This is such a timely post because I literally just looked at NEXT online today after not visiting their website for AGES…Do you know why? Because they have ERCOL furniture now!!!! I love ercol and I’ve only just done a post about my love of my mum’s original ercol pebble nests (she has 2 sets) which she got for the princely sum of £13 about 8 years ago! I covet them…Badly.

    Anywho, NEXT seems to finally be moving with the times and actually getting ahead of the game with their interiors – having looked at your lovely selections. I do love the fab lights and they are on trend with colours too – Picking up on our love affair with GREEN after Pantone’s selected Greenery as their colour of the year 2017.

    Love your writing – knowledge, expertise and humour – a killer combination!

    • Karen Knox says

      They do seem to be stocking more brands within their existing range. They have to really to get the punters in. One of the reason BHS didn’t fare to well I reckon…
      And thanks, glad you like my waffle!x

  2. I have real issues with that shop. I get to the door and then am suddenly filled with horror. Walking down the high street is like an attack of the Next clones. However, those lights!!!! The hand blown ones would have me there in a shot. They’re beautiful.

    • Karen Knox says

      Haha. Issues! Yeah the glass iridescent lights are mega aren’t they?

  3. Some great stuff. Love the ceiling light. I think that’s the one for the living room! Lovely post, thanks

  4. Really, really nice homeware and furniture. Wow, I’m surprised and impressed. Loving all the lighting and that Gatsby sofa. The monkey cushion too! Nice one, NEXT – and Karen for bringing this collection to our attention 🙂

  5. Helen Morris says

    Thank you, I tend to neglect Next but I will certainly take a look especially at those lights.

  6. I knew I’d love this post as soon as I saw the title! I’ve been looking at their new things recently too and love a lot of it. That fluid style pendant lamp is one of my favourites too – will be interesting to see what you do with it if you use it in one of your design projects. They’ve nailed the palms and tropical trends too.

  7. It would be great to see Next up their game… but Ouch!
    I’ve gotta say it. It’s all on trend because it is all derivative. As you’ve mentioned, Karen, they’ve taken covetable design as a starting point with Tom Dixon, Witch and Watchman, House of Hackney and Abigail Ahern and made affordable ‘alternatives’.
    I’m all for affordable design, but as a designer I know how much research, design time and development spend goes into each ‘original’ product collection.
    I remember the very first Next Home collection – it was exciting, excellent design and it was original. They had gone to one of the best designers of the time, Tricia Guild, and paid and credited her for her work. It was a fresh and exciting collection with a nod to the style of Designers Guild, but a little fresher, a little easier to live with, and affordable too.
    As lovely as these current products are it makes me sad to see Next taking this approach now, when we’ve seen the great work they can produce when they apply great ethics alongside their democratising business approach.
    OK, I shall now step away from my soapbox…

    • Karen Knox says

      I totally hear you, Linda. Your views are always welcome here.
      I’m always torn with these kind of situations being someone who often has to give people “a look” but often with a mentally small budget.
      I don’t really know Next’s history with Designer’s Guild, but I agree, I much prefer it when companies collaborate with aspirational designers. Ikea do it well (although we won’t mention the Aalto/FROSTA stool similarity)
      The line between “knock off” and “inspired” has always been blurred hasn’t it? But I bet most of the people that pop in and out of Next haven’t even heard of Tom Dixon, House of Hackney or Witch and Watchman, so for them it’s just a cushion with leaves and monkeys on.
      I feel a blog post coming on….

      • Yes, you’re absolutely right. The heart wants what the heart wants – and when the eye sees it at a price the head can accept…
        You’re also right that the Next customer may well be unaware of the originals. It is really tricky territory and the lines very blurred, as you say. I can certainly see both sides.
        I’d love to read that blog post. I know you support original design and also live in the real world, so would give a balanced perspective on the issue. Anything that encourages thought on the subject is good. Bring it on…

  8. Totally the same – dip in and out of Next. I think their buyers have come over from Habitat in recent years? (not totally sure but heard that rumour) and love some of this new stuff

    I love the colored pendants. Going to pop over and see re bathroom lighting as seriously thinking of setting up my own store with ‘cool’ affordable bathroom lighting as I’m struggling

    • Karen Knox says

      Eugh, don’t get me started on “interesting” Bathroom Lighting. It’s almost none existent!!

  9. So I just wanted to let you know that as soon as I saw that Sphere’s light fixture on this post, I ran over to Next’s website and bought it. Because I don’t mess around me! 😉 I’ve been looking for something for my dressing room for – god, I don’t even know… a year?! two?? – because my light in there died (it was a cheapie number I’d spray painted) and I’d been looking for something affordable to replace it and this totally fit the bill. So thank you firstly for that. And also apologies that in my excitement, I forgot to come back to tell you that. So yes, THANK YOU!! (Oh and yes, you’ll get full credit ;)) Next is normally not that exciting admittedly so it’s nice they are upping their game! Although I do agree with Linda when she says it’s very derivative of other designers and it does feel a bit like a double-edged sword – I too would prefer if they came up with original designs rather than ‘borrowing’ ideas from up-and-coming designers. Of course, I’d prefer to buy the originals myself and support the original idea but I don’t always have that kind of budget and it’s probably true that the average Next customer probably has never heard of them regardless. Does it make it right? Probably not… I’d love to read your thoughts on that one as well. It’s such a grey area! xx

    • Karen Knox says

      Yay! So glad you got one. It’s a great statement light isn’t it!? I shall look forward to your piccies soon!
      And I reckon i’ve got a blog post coming up soon about the “grey area”. Always has and always will continue to be an area for controversy… Tbc…xx

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