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Ikea 2017. What’s caught my eye?

Ikea have a habit of dropping little gems into their range without you even noticing. Some pop in and out of stock before you can say Billy Bookcase.

I remember tweeting Ikea ages ago asking why they didn’t have a “What’s New” tab on their website. A page you could jump straight onto to see what treasures had arrived recently. And do you know what? They’ve flippin’ well got one now, so i’m taking full credit, everyone. You can thank me later. It’s here: New

So here are some of my fave pieces that are indeed new for 2017. Stuff I would quite like to have for myself or put into projects.

Come see…

LIXHULT cabinet, £29

I actually already have one of these at home.

That didn’t take long did it?

PS 2017 Storage Cabinet, £55 and Table Lamp, £25

More from that range below…

PS 2017 lighting range from £19 – £69

FJALLBO Shelving Unit, £75 with the new HEKTAR Floor Lamp with 3 Spots, £49

GRENO Outdoor Cushion, £9

OSTLIG Plant Pot, £25 (comes in three sizes and two colours)

Shelving Unit PS 2017, £75

In beech and white powder coated metal, these are a really similar design to the Hay modular shelving units that come in at thrice the price. Nice one Ikea. Thanks again for adding this dinky trolley to the mix too.

PS 2017 Trolley/Side Table, £75

SENAP Plant Pot with Saucer, £2

Yes, I know they’re not going to change the world, but it’s grey earthenware. Simple utilitarian design that’s not orange. Win.

SALLADSKÅL Plant Stand, £35 (but with the grey SENAP plant pots please)

SMÅTÖREL Velvet Cushion, £15

SOLIDASTER black out curtains, £40

HINDO Cabinet/Greenhouse, £80

I love this, outdoor or indoor. Metal and glass cabinets are so on trend right now, but often cost a bomb. This is a really affordable way of adding an industrial style display cabinet to your home without selling your first born.

How nice is that? And £80!

MALSJÖ Glass Door Cabinet (with brass handles)


PS 2017 Self Watering Planter, £15

For those of you who just can’t keep anything green alive. You know who you are, yes, you.

And to end…

PS 2017 2 seat sofa

Quite possibly the most horrendous thing i’ve seen come out of Ikea for a while. I don’t get it. I don’t want it. I don’t want anyone I know to have it. Although it would look quite good on CBeebies no? Or maybe in one of those crazy open-plan offices where they have a ball-pool, Space Hoppers and an “ideas shed” instead of a meeting room. You know the ones. Flippin’ hipster offices.

So whaddya think? Anything here new to you? Anything here you’d quite like to have yourself at home? Did you buy that sofa already?

All images, Ikea.


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