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A mini bathroom update

Small bathroom update

Remember me writing about “Where to spend your money at home?” It’s definitely worth a quick squizz if you missed that one.

Here, I referred to the fun and frolics of updating something in one room to something more beautiful, practical and functional. Immediately followed by the overwhelming urge to do the same in the rest of your home.

“Just be aware that once you update one, you will instantly notice how crap all the other ones are.”

I predicted correctly.

Our, loft bathroom certainly caused that very problem. Now, when walking into our main family bathroom on the floor below, I was getting annoyed by this.We had a rather large, unattractive and very high output radiator in there which we’d inherited with the house. It didn’t look this white and shiny. It was old, the white was now cream and rust was gathering around the edges. It wasn’t that bad, but in my head it looked like this:

For dramatic effect only

Why on earth we didn’t update it when we had our bathroom redone four years ago, i’ll never know. Oh yes, I remember, we couldn’t afford. That was it. Well, we thought we couldn’t, but we probably could have, as a new radiator isn’t actually that expensive.

As if we didn’t have enough going on with the loft extension, we decided now was a really good time to give our main bathroom a little freshen up. Yay. More stuff to do! The old radiator was unplumbed, bathroom mirror removed and we were ready to get started.

The family bathroom

The ceiling plasterwork had been disturbed from all the work in the loft space above and there were large holes in the wall from where the old radiator brackets were fixed, so we began our bathroom update with some remedial filling and sanding.

Matte Concrete Effect Tiles

Once the walls and ceiling were prepped, they were re-painted in Dulux’s White Eggshell from their Light and Space range. This only took a few hours and made so much difference. Everything was clean, fresh and white.

Column radiator

Radiator from PlumbNation

Next, our new, slimline, two column radiator from PlumbNation was fitted. With the same output as our previous monstrosity, our new rad took up less space whilst looking infinitely more attractive. Excellent.

Radiator pipework

Ideally, we would have replaced our old radiator with one the same width to fit on the existing pipework, but it was not an easy size to find in a column design. So the plumber had to add a small bend to one of the pipes in order to accommodate our new slightly smaller sized rad.

When we next re-do the bathroom and lay a new floor, we will be able to adjust the pipework properly then. But for now, this seemed like the best compromise for the 5cm discrepancy.

Column radiator Plumbnation

If you’re planning on updating from a panel radiator to a column rad, you MUST prep and paint the wall behind. Take this into consideration if you’re someone who updates their wall colour regularly as you’ll need to get your plumber back in to remove your rads to do so.

Finishing touches

Bathroom basin

Now we had a pretty radiator to look at, we fitted a Hay Volet hook for the hand towel which was left over from the loft bathroom. I also added some plants around the window in these black and white stoneware pots.

Bathroom plants

They’re actually storage jars from Sainsbury’s “Restoration” range, but I simply used the lids as a plant stand and soap dish. Very Scandi.

String of hearts plant

Our bathroom is very greyscale, by adding some oak, even these tiny dashes, it really helped warm up the space.

Black wire Bathroom caddy

Again, from Sainsbury’s Restoration kitchen range, I added a wire basket to use as a bathroom caddy for face cloths and body washes. Just because something says it’s for the kitchen, doesn’t mean it can only be used in the kitchen. Works perfectly here.

Bathroom styling

So what do you think of these tiny updates? Radiator upgrade? Paint job? Some new accessories? Any of these take your fancy?

Collaborative post. Thanks to Plumbnation, Sainsbury’s and Dulux for providing these items for review. All words and opinions my own.


  1. Looks great, even with the little jog in the plumbing! There’s always that *one thing* that doesn’t go quite as planned, but we learn to roll with it…

    • Karen Knox says

      Thanks Catherine. Glad you like. You don’t really notice it as it’s in the darkest corner. Should be fine until we overhaul the bathroom again…

  2. Ivana says

    The plant pots – genius idea to use the lids as stands! A bit of wood in a monochrome setting always warms the space up beautifully. Love it all. xx

  3. Emma says

    Love the radiator! Which one did you go for? So many brands to choose from on plumb nation.

    • Karen Knox says

      Yes there are. It’s a two column radiator, can’t quite remember the brand i’m afraid, we just picked one with the right BTU and workable pipe distances for our existing pipes. Happy shopping!

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