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Identity Papers

Today’s post is all about independent wallpaper designer, Linda Hasking, also known as Identity Papers.

Linda Hasking – Identity Papers

Here she is, well, half of her. Linda’s story behind Identity Papers began with two hundred and twenty two photos.

Shots I took of every single object in my living room became my first wallpaper, Mi Casa Su Casa.”

Mi Casa Su Casa

That very first wallpaper design became the foundation for her brand. Linda views her wallpapers as a portrait, this design itself being a self-portrait. This idea of the self-portrait developed further, and now her photo-collage wallpapers can be custom made using your very own images.

Mi Casa Su Casa – Monochrome

Great idea no? A wallpaper you’ll see something new in every day and something that means something to you and only you. Miniature pieces of art for you to discover every day.

Linda’s newest design, Woodsman 1 and 2 wallpapers are another prime example of her designing with us in mind. We all like to have something a little bit different don’t we? Something nobody else has.

“Woodsman 1 and Woodsman 2 Wallpapers are designed to give you options of how to use them together on the same wall, or alone. It’s a mix and match concept that puts the choices in your hands, so no two rooms need be the same.”

Linda very kindy sent me some samples of the Woodsman designs and it’s very cool indeed. As a joiner’s daughter it’s right up my timber boulevard so I’m already making plans to use it somewhere.

The design comes in two colours, Sage and Blossom, my fave is the softer, blush tone of Blossom. Very Scandi chic.

One of my absolute faves from Identity Paper’s range is Cloud Rococo Moody Blue. It. Is. Stunning.


Cloud Rococo is a bold and moody repeat pattern existing entirely of clouds. Cloud accents and artwork are very “of the moment” (I wrote about them over here) so this wallpaper couldn’t be any more on trend if it tried.  Easily fitting in a contemporary space or period property thanks to its heritage feel.

The best bit is, it’s currently in the sale from £99 to £40 a roll. I know. How amazing is that?

And if you wanted something a little less “moody”, it also comes in Happy Blue too.

In fact it can come in any colour way you want, just contact Linda for bespoke colour options. Brilliant. Obviously, i’d have it in black. Am so predictable.

One more design i’ve been eyeing up for my little one’s bedroom is Sugar & Slugs Word Search wallpaper.

Charlie keeps asking for superhero wallpaper which wouldn’t be my first (or forty first) choice.

How about a word search wallpaper with the word slug in, son? It’s educational AND design savvy.”

And at £20 a roll in the sale, it’s actually cheaper than that god awful superhero wallpaper he wants. Result!

If you’re looking to decorate later this year and want something a little different, unique, even bespoke, jump over to Identity Papers and have a look at Linda’s designs.

This isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I just really like what Linda does. And I think you guys will too. Let me know what you think. Anything here taking your fancy?


  1. The Cloud Rococo in Moody Blue is giving me all the heart eyes here. Also, I totally would go with that in black – gahhh. Yes. So lovely, thanks for the introduction! xx

  2. Karen, thank you so much for all the attention. I can tell you I’ve been daydreaming of making the Cloud Rococo in black for ages. I can make the ombre blend to black or white, of course. It all depends on the feel that’s wanted…

  3. bloody love these papers – thanks for the intro
    would love to use some of these in my projects – will have to try and get hold of some samples 🙂

    • Karen Knox says

      They’re great aren’t they? Linda can do them in any colour way too!

      • Linda Hasking says

        Thanks for mentioning that, Karen. Then there’s the full bespoke service too – Just sending one of those off now and can’t wait to see how my current project will turn out

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