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2016 – The Best Bits

Where did 2016 go? Seriously, where? I can’t believe it’s been 365 days since I wrote my best bits from 2015. This year has been all kinds of bonkers.

So what’s happened then?

2016 End of Year Report

  • Written 105 blog posts (about 80,000 words)
  • Styled and photographed over 2000 photos
  • Completed ten interior design projects
  • Collaborated with over 25 brands
  • Introduced “Making Spaces Remote” for those of you that aren’t lucky enough to live in Yorkshire. This has really taken off, and since its launch i’ve worked with clients in Cumbria, Warrington, London, Bristol, Manchester…
  • Appeared in Real Homes, HomeStyle Magazine, At Home Magazine, High In Style, Yorkshire Living
  • Featured on HouzzWayfair and Swoonworthy
  • Nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award
  • Got married (whoop!)
  • Went to NY on our honeymoon
  • Started our long awaited loft extension, which is sooo nearly ready for its final reveal and i’m so frickin excited I could burst. Roll on January!

Huge thanks to everyone who has been reading and following my progress since setting up Making Spaces back in 2015. I can’t believe i’m nearly two years old already. What a whirlwind!

To end with, i’m leaving you with my top 10 posts for this year. Not chosen by me, but by you. These are the ones you guys have clicked on and read the most. In reverse order, let’s start with:

Number 10: I love OSB

(The one where I made my own desk out of orientated strand board)

OSB Desk Monochrome Home Office

Number 9: The Magnetic Wall – Pt 3 – Final Reveal

(The one where I designed a playroom with a magnetic wall. S-weet!)


Number 8: We have paint

(The one where I introduced the colour scheme for one of my biggest projects for 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.23.02

Number 7: An Eclectic Living Room – Final Reveal

(Pretty self explanatory really)


Number 6: A Living Room Update

(The one where I showed you how some simple changes to our living room made all the difference)


Number 5: My concrete wall

(The one where I used magnetic plaster and left it unpainted as it looked just like concrete and looked amazing)


Number 4: The Pre – Final Reveal (Preveal)

(The one where I showed you the living room redesign from the Masonic Villas project)


Number 3: Sherwood Forest – Final Reveal

(The one where I showed you the final room reveal of the Sherwood Forest project)


Number 2: Peignoir & Worsted

(The one where you guys got to see Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir and Worsted up close and personal at the Masonic Villas project)


Number 1: Masonic Villas goes Monochrome

(The one where where Farrow & Ball’s Off Black and Shadow White made the blog go mental. This pic alone has been Pinned 6,900 times. Awesome!)


And that ladies and gents has been 2016, all wrapped up in a tidy little blog post of less than 500 words. We’re only a few days away from 2017, so I shall end by wishing you all a great end to this year and lots to look forward to in the next.

See you on the other side peeps.


Featured image by James French, Styling by Maxine Brady



  1. Great achievements Karen! Inspiring words and designs. I love your post no. 8: we have paint. The colours make the space feel relaxed and peaceful. Good luck in 2017!

  2. You have absolutely KICKED ASS in 2016. I really hope 2017 is just as good, if not better for you hun. You’re so talented and deserve the credit! x

  3. Sofia Pereira says

    That was quite a year!! I just found your website/blog and absolutely love it! The way you present your work is brilliant and it really shows off all the work behind an interior design project. I also believe you can have a great design without breaking the bank and I think it is great how you put the links to everything – always very helpful.
    Will keep up with your blog as it already has given me so many ideas I want to put in practise. Keep up the amazing job!

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