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Making Spaces in Print – Pt 4

This time last year, I was ripping out this fireplace. Very cathartic indeed.

And one year later i’m sharing the latest magazine feature for Making Spaces. Come and see the very same fireplace and the room it’s sat in, in this month’s edition of HomeStyle Magazine.


The Sherwood Forest Project in print

Doesn’t it look great? My very wonderful client agreed to be in the pictures, sit still and even wear shoes. She is not a fan of shoes at all.

The room may look a little different in the feature as things were moved around for the shoot. The left hand alcove was fiddled with a fair bit. Magazines don’t like to include TV’s in shots as they’re so f’ugly and a complete arse to make look good in photos. Annoying if you’re looking for cool ideas of how to incorporate them into your home though. Kind of does my head in that they insist on taking them out, I mean, we (nearly) all have one.


So here’s a shot of where it actually sits. When there’s not a stylist under strict instructions to make it disappear that is.


Photography was by my fellow skip rat, James French. He’s a big fan of old and salvaged items like moi, introducing me to ‘Salvage Hunters’ with Drew Pritchard. How did I not know about this programme? Love it. Cheers James.

The fab styling was by Maxine Brady, an award winning stylist and fab blogger chum based down in Brighton. She’s definitely one to add to your reading list. Oh and you might have spotted the back of her head in Gok’s ‘Fill Your Home for Free’ which she worked on solidly throughout the summer too. She’s a busy lady.


Some close ups of the content.


I’m famous, i’m famous!

The magazine is available for another week or so, so pick up a copy if you see one out and about on your travels. In fact, Rita, if you’re reading this, get your bloomin’ shoes on and get a copy yourself. It’s not every day you get to see yourself sitting on a chair in a magazine you know. Sheesh!




  1. Love the bold colors! I’m always a little skittish to use such bold colors in my own home. would love to see your photos of the space as well. Congratulations on being in print!

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