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Hicks & Weatherburn

Hicks & Weatherburn is the oldest manufacturing company in Leeds, trading since 1741 during the reign of George II they’ve been specialising in the manufacture of paint, colour and varnishes.


And do you know what? I’ve probably driven past this place about 1741 times during my two decades in Leeds and never knew it was there. How mental is that, for someone who spends most of their day looking at colours and finishes?!


So i’m really glad Hicks & Weatherburn got in touch a few months ago and very kindly sent me some sample paints along with their beautiful hand-painted colour chart.

And a hand written letter. When did you last get one of those?


Valley of Desolation in varying dilutions (bottom)

They work with a charity that rehabilitates female offenders at HMP Askham Grange which is where all of their colour charts and cards are hand painted. A brilliant idea. Not just for the ladies that are involved in creating these charts, but it means we also get to see the actual paint colour in real life too. Not just a computerised image, which as we all know aren’t always that accurate.

Last week I took a trip down to meet the owner and have a little tour of their factory where all of their paints are handmade. Let me show you around.


If you’re in Leeds, their place is just off Meanwood Road on the Penraevon Estate. Open to trade and public so definitely worth popping in.


What these guys don’t know about paint, just isn’t worth knowing. You know when someone really understands their trade, their product? Well Hicks & Weatherburn have this in spades. No pretence, no fancy pants showroom, just good honest advice, knowledge on tap and a bloody good pot of paint.


I was given a full breakdown of the ins and out of all their paints, how the different finishes are created, the different levels of pigment and how their paints compare to some of the industry big hitters such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.


It was really interesting to hear some of the industry insider info. I’m very much looking forward to using some Hicks & Weatherburn paint and trying it out for myself in our new loft spaces. Have you mixed me that off-black yet, Jonathon?


All of their colours are carefully mixed in house, inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. “Gordale Scar” is a limestone ravine 1 mile northeast of Malham in North Yorkshire. Owner Jonathan Wain, a keen walker, says:

“When I came to launch my new luxury paints for home decorating I realised that the inspiration for the colours was all around me.”


Hicks & Weatherburn are also experts in colour matching, so if you’ve got your eye on a very specific shade or tone, they can match or create it. I got my hands a little dirty, helping one particular customer try to colour match a paint from his Leyland chart. I named that shade, “Off white with a hint of flesh”. Very Farrow & Ball. Then I got chatting to another customer who was making payment for an order he’d had mixed. This guy swore by Hicks & Weatherburn and left happy with his pots and handwritten receipt in tow.

So to end, i’ll leave you with a few of their cheeky interiors shots. Some lovely little pops of colour loveliness right here ladies and gents.


Dent Granite & Ramsgill Cottage & Herdwick Grey


Colour range


Cow Dub


Valley of Desolation (great name) & Falcon’s Beak

Hicks & Weatherburn are offering free shipping on their tester paints at the mo with code TEST6, so jump over to their site and take a look. Although I can’t promise they come in these über cool retro paint pots.


And if you do make a Hicks & Weatherburn purchase, let me know what the paint’s like. Good paint is hard to find. Even when it’s only three miles down the road from home.

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