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If you’re not familiar with at{mine} then you really need to get on board. It’s a place for interiors junkies to share images of their home, work spaces, beautiful rooms, vignettes, super cool styling and photography. It’s a real treasure trove of interiors goodness. You could easily lose an hour on there just ogling the most beautiful images.

Each month, at{mine} introduce a different “Style Story” curated by a guest brand, designer, writer, photographer, interiors icon… and this month it’s Ikea.


I’m sure you’re already aware how big a fan I am of Ikea. If you just search the word Ikea on my blog, there’s over 55 mentions. Not bad going Ikea, for a blog that’s about 18 months old.

So what’s #IKEAatmine all about then?

Show us how you live with IKEA: It’s the Living Room for October!

IKEA UK in collaboration with at{mine} is introducing the brand new community hashtag #IKEAatmine. 

Every month we’ll invite you to share a different room/theme containing at least one item from IKEA using #IKEAatmine and we’ll feature our favourites here. 

For October we’re kicking off with the Living Room. Get your Hygge on and play along!

Well, like a good at{mine} member, i’ve been tagging my rooms and spaces, the ones with Ikea pieces obviously and man, there are LOADS. Enough for a blog post of their own, I thought.


Ikea Sheepskin and Plant Pot (spray painted copper & black)


Our previous bedroom had Hemnes furniture and several Ikea accessories including the watering can which now lives in our kitchen.

Dining Room After

Our Ikea kitchen table (before our son took chunks out of the table top), solid pine storage bench in the left hand alcove….

Making Spaces Mini Kitchen

…. and play kitchen in the right.


Any dedicated Ikea shopper just has to pick up a couple of Ribba frames whilst nearing the check outs. Enough for a gallery wall perhaps? And don’t forget the Sinnerlig plant pots. I think i’ve got one of each now. In both sizes.


Back upstairs to our current bedroom, the Ikea Werna curtains, black and white Stockholm cushion and grey geo woollen blanket. I picked that up for £4 in one of their end of year sales. Love an Ikea sale.


Not forgetting the Ekenesat armchair with obligatory sheepskin. Oh and that huge oak framed mirror is old-school Ikea too.


Charlie’s bedroom has plenty of Ikea bits and bobs. Bedding. Cushion covers. Stool. Night light….

Ikea HJÄLMAREN Toy Storage

…Ladder shelves, picture ledges and baskets.


Tall skinny Sprutt drawers were the perfect fit for my teeny tiny home office. Desk legs from Ikea were used to make my DIY OSB desk. And an Ikea basket makes an ace cat home/scratching post.

Then I went through some old design projects to see how many times Ikea have featured there too.


The Stockholm mirror. Great piece.


The Blue Room had loads of Ikea pieces in. On paper the Ikea birch coat rack shouldn’t work in this dark, vintage style room. But it just does.


Along with the bedding, cushions, wall light, wardrobe, sheepskin, storage boxes and picture frame. All Ikea.

The dressing table alcove

More wall lights and another sheepskin.


The Kallax unit is every clutter hater’s dream and was used to great effect in The Marvel Bedroom. A brilliant, cost effective way of getting “stuff” off your floor. I’ve used it in a couple of small projects projects now. Such a simple way to solve a space problem.


Again in the magnetic play room, this time using the Ikea Kottabo baskets.

They’re also great for home office storage as they hold box files and lever arch files.

Before & After – The Home Office in One Day

You can read all about this super small budget make-over here.

Habitat Cumin Gallery Wall

Another Ikea Ribba gallery wall and the Ikea Fusion table and chairs. Perfect for compact dining spaces.


My current project, The Drawing Room has a couple of key pieces from Ikea too. The yellow cabinet was an absolute must. I was really impressed with the quality too. A substantial piece of furniture with soft close doors. Super nice.

And to finish, one more Ekenesat chair. Because for anyone who’s looking for a mid century chair for no more than £150… where else are you going to go?


So there you have it. My contribution to #IKEAatmine. I should probably take shares out in Ikea. Are you the same? Go around your house and I bet you’ve got more Ikea pieces than you first thought. I seriously wasn’t expecting this blog post to be this long.

Hope you enjoyed. And if you haven’t clicked over to at{mine} yet, jump over now for oodles of interiors inspiration.



  1. It’s crazy how much Ikea stuff you can accumulate isn’t it? So affordable and versatile! My grey sheepskin is prob my fave piece but its one of many for sure 🙂

  2. Hannah in the house says

    wow great pics. It’s made me search for my Ikea items now, which isn’t hard (I have al ot). Your home is so lovely. x

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