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Lighting at M&S – A/W 2016

A little interiors inspo for you today. All visual. No chit chat. Well not much. Whenever I say no chit chat, I normally managed to chuck a few words together and ramble on more than expected. See, i’ve already started.

Let me show you my fave finds from M&S lighting department for this A/W 2016. I think you’re gonna like ’em.


Madison Cluster Light

Beautifully simple way of adding a touch of “boho glam” to your ethnic interior scheme. Doesn’t come with bulbs so don’t get caught out with that one. Add some to your basket.


Mila Chandelier

Wanting to channel your inner Abigail Ahern with an oversized beaded chandelier, but can’t quite afford the price tags? M&S are onto a “winner winner chicken dinner” with the Mila chandelier. At £299 it’s just about do-able, but obviously wait until one of their discount weekends where they offer 20% off. Don’t forget Topcashback too. If you’re savvy you might be able to own this corker of a light for about £220.


Paloma Pendant

Coming in three distinctive shapes and colours, these delicate glass lights would make a very beautiful addition to any home, especially as a trio. A great choice for adding some colour and detail to a paired back scheme. Don’t forget to hang at different heights for a more laid back look.


Puerto Lights

I’m sorry, I know Pineapples aren’t exactly new. But it’s that time of year where lighting comes into its own. It’s bloody dark outside and it’s cold so instead of going out, we stay in and put the lights on. I frickin love that Puerto chandelier. It’s totally unnecessary, but all kinds of necessary at the same time. Perfect for the festive season that’s looming ahead. (“Looming”. Interesting choice of word isn’t it? Someone might even say I didn’t like xmas. They’d be right. I might like it more if I had this pineapple light.)


Verona Floor Lamp

One of the reviews of the Verona made me laugh. Described as very large with the shade being “bigger than a hairdressers hair dryer hood”. I think we can imagine how the unpacking of this lamp went can’t you?

“Bloody hell love, it’s six foot tall! I can get me head in here **echo** I only needed a desk light!”

I wish they’d backed their comment up with some pictorial evidence. Perhaps with someone sitting, rollers in situ with their head inside to prove their point. Personally, I like the enormity. Playing with scale is sometimes the simplest way to make an impact. Especially when the design is as minimal as this. An excellent piece to mull over.


Tribe Pendant

The Tribe range of lighting is just bloody ace. Simple, clean, midcentury lines with a classic brass and dark wood combo. I really like these. Probably the most me of all these pieces.


Tribe Curve Lamp

I’m trying to squeeze this into the Drawing Room project. Don’t you think it would look amazing on top of the console table against that wallpaper? (If you’ve not seen that project yet, I highly advise you to go take a look. I’m not messing about).


Tribe Table Lamp

Oh and this is just sheer perfection. I would have this in my living room in a heart beat. It’s not “trendy” or faddy at all. A classic line in just the right proportions. Can’t. Go. Wrong.

So yeah, there you have it. What do you think of my selection? Anything take your fancy? Would love to hear your thoughts of my finds. And look here, 580 words! I’ve done it again. Can’t bloody help myself can I?

Have a splendid weekend peeps.



  1. YASSSS! I must say, M&S are killing it at the moment.
    I was flicking through their catalogue this morning and added loads to my wishlist. Really pleasantly suprised as it’s not normally somewhere I think to look!

  2. Lotte Brouwer says

    Wow!! These pendants (and the Tribe curve lamp and Tribe table lamp) are to DIE for! Totally gorgeous. x Lotte

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