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And we’re in! The Loft Extension – Wk 2

So where were we?

(catch up on Wk 1 here)


That’s it, the dormer was up and the new roof-line was ready to tile. Blimey, so much has happened since then. Come see.


Phone pic

Ta-da! A newly tiled roof with gable end. Going to take some getting used to the new house shape.

The aluminium windows for the dormer have been measured and priced up. Our first quote of over £4.5k made me cry a little inside. Then punch a cushion. I know aluminium is expensive. I do know this. But £4.5k? That’s a car right there. Which reminds me, the quote for the windows came in the day before my car failed its MOT which cost me £700.


What do they say? When it rains it pours… something like that.

The windows, however were something I wasn’t prepared to compromise on (along with everything else). They needed to be big. The bigger the better. And these are going to be just that. Luckily, we got another couple of quotes that came in as expected and now our new fancy pants windows are booked to be fitted on the 27th Oct.

So would you like to see inside?


Bedroom window on the right and bathroom window on the left (rubbish phone pic)

The hubster and I sneaked up to have a walk around the space. It was awesome. I was desperate to rip the sheeting down so I could see the view we’ll have from the bed. But I behaved and waited until the next morning when the builders were back on site again.

So up again I went on a chilly Wednesday morning….


How cool is that?

Chimney pots, treetops and sky, just makes me want to get Dick Van Dyke-ing all over those rooftops. And if you don’t get that reference it means you’re too young for your own good.

So why did you want massive windows? 

I’ve got plans for this space. Yes, it’s going to be a guest room, but during the daytime when i’m freaking out about something (everything) I plan to use this space to take some time out. No laptops or phones allowed. When you work from home, and your work is all about design and interiors and your own home is part of your work…. you’re ALWAYS working. Like seriously. The only way for me to not work is to go out and I don’t really like doing that…. because I don’t like many people and PJ’s are so comfy. Well, they are!

This room is going to be my “switch-off” room. I’d love to start doing pilates up here too. I’m getting on a bit now and to say my body has changed since my dancing days and having a baba is a little bit of an understatement. Time to look after me. I’m very excited about this.


Allow me to introduce to you the brick wall. One of my very first blog posts was all about exposed brick and how perfect this particular wall in our old loft was. My first time seeing it in daylight made me super smile. It needs cleaning up and sealing but it’s going to be such an amazing back drop to the bed don’t cha think?



I will be back soon with another loft blog. The next instalment will most likely have some distressing scenes in, like the box room wall coming down and me freaking out as i’ve ran out of hoover bags for Henry.


Time to empty the box room and attempt to get everything under the bed. We need a bigger bed!


  1. Had exactly same thought as comment above..would make fab master bedroom..great space, look forward to seeing end product🙂

  2. Oh this is gonna be freaking amazing! I’ve had to catch up on all the action (I’ve been woeful about keeping up with blogs lately so apologies for being so late to the party) and I’m loving your plans for the space! That brick wall and the vintage rug and the black and white and just all the YUM. Also, I laughed reading your reasoning behind making it a place to escape what with pjs and not liking many people!! Hahaha!! Oh my god I could have written that myself (in fact, I read it out load to Wayne and he cracked up because yes that’s SO ME.) 😉 xxx

  3. hi karen, how did you get around building regs with the exposed brick wall? our bricks aren’t in a good enough state to make them a feature in the loft but the building inspector was clear it wouldnt be possible anyway!

    • It seems to be different info for different houses and cities. That wall for us is a party wall so not exposed and so doesn’t need insulating. A detached house would need insulating (is your house detached?) Also, it’s sometimes down to the individual building inspector. I’ve checked and double checked more times that I needed to that we could leave them exposed and i’ve been assured there shouldn’t be an issue. We will be doing some remedial work before sealing them. I’ve obviously just asked the builder again to check with building regs. It’s integral to the overall design and I know I will actually cry if we can’t leave it exposed. Tbc…

      • Your brick wall is amazing!
        I’m really jealous. We’re in a terrace house but Bristol City Council are obviously more strict, urgh!

        Great work though, its gonna look fantastic! Look forward yo the updates.

        • Thank you. I really hope we get the brick wall passed. I’m on pins with it to be honest. The whole room pivots on it though. Might have to slip some whiskey in the inspector’s brew!

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