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The Drawing Room – Pre-reveal

I’m not gona lie, i’m typing like this:


And I know i’ve already used that GIF, but I don’t care, it’s frickin funny. And this is how I type when i’m this excited.


I’ve just got back from a visit to see the Drawing Room project. I started working on this room a few months ago and man alive, it’s changed so much since my first visit. The whole room is not quite finished yet, but I thought, what the hell, I’ll just show you some cool close ups, because if I don’t, I might actually burst!

ferm living lines wallpaper

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my post earlier this week where the Lines wallpaper by Ferm Living was going up on the walls. I think this photo has had the most likes of all my pics… which kind of sucks as that was taken by the decorator. “Eff you decorator, Stealing my Inta-thunder!”

So now it’s time for MY pics.

Let me show you some little hints of what’s to come. No talking.




Mid-century dinosaur styling.


Ferm Living Brass Planter and Stand from Cloudberry Living

Andy Welland Loose Ends

Artwork and LARGE floor lamp


Gold painted detail on the original rounded corners of the chimney breast.


Brass floor lamp with wood and metal work painted in Farrow and Ball’s Stiffkey Blue.


The wallpaper is just F.I.T. Unbelievably so. I dare anyone to walk into this room and no go, “Wow!”. Dare ya!


Mid-century vinyl rack and glass drinks cabinet.


Chin chin.


Every room needs a sheepskin. And a brass Buster & Punch light switch.


Styling a go-go on the La Redoute console table.


Can I just live here please?

Ok so, tell me what you think. Do you love it? Do you? Do you? I do. Would love to hear your thoughts on the few bits and pieces i’ve shared today. Full reveal coming soon with the full run down on the shopping list. But for today, I think you will agree, it’s ALL about that wallpaper.


Is it time for a gin yet? I’m gona say yes, that clock didn’t work. **adds batteries to list of things to sort for next time**

Happy Friday peeps!



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