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Don't Move – Improve!

So you might have heard me mention recently, we’re converting our loft. It’s kind of a big deal for us. We’ve played around with several extension ideas since we moved here, discounting a loft extension at one point because we needed it so much for storage.


(rubbish phone pics)

We definitely, didn’t want to move. We already knew when we bought this place four years ago, it was a little on the small side. We were seriously lacking on the guest bedroom front and resorted to lugging a mattress downstairs for friends and family to sleep on our living room floor. And you know what. It sucked.



Well no more. With the help of our amazing parents and the savings we’ve been squirrelling away, we finally decided a hip to gable loft extension is the best solution to all of our space problems. And it seems we’re not the only ones. More and more people are extending their homes and improving their living spaces to avoid the alternative of moving. In fact, since we got our builder and architect on board, two of our neighbours are also now biting the bullet and getting their lofts converted too. “Don’t Move, Improve” is definitely the motto of the day.



So, would you like to see our plans?

loft rough fp

I’m no architect, but this is my to-scale (ish) floorplan of our new second floor. The space will include:

  • An open riser staircase with generous landing area giving a greater sense of space and light.
  • A large roof light over the new staircase and full height window on the landing. The more light the better.
  • A shower room off the landing, not an ensuite. We don’t have a downstairs loo, so a second family bathroom which we can access even when we have guests was the right thing for us.
  • Sliding wall into a wardrobe with hanging space. Hung items can be moved to one side to access “once a year” items such as Christmas decorations stored in the eaves storage.
  • A designated separate walk-in storage space that links into further eaves storage.
  • A bedroom big enough for a king-size bed with ceiling to window-seat windows overlooking the rear garden.

“Window Seats are a traditional design feature that are set to stay. Whether you want to curl up with a new book, or simply spend your Sunday watching the world go by, with a brew in hand, views can be used to unwind and create a quiet, personal space.” Network VEKA


Love Chic Living

Getting light into our new second floor is one of our top priorities, so windows have been a very big consideration for us. Jen from Love Chic Living totally nails these full height windows. Eeee. Can’t wait!

Here’s our current first floor floorplan:

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 16.53.22

We are sacrificing our teeny box room (my office) for the new staircase. You can have a squizz at our staircase inspiration here, but in short, we don’t want to squeeze a winder staircase into our first floor landing. We want something open and light, visually. Just like this below (obviously with a handrail too).


Maria Prästgårdsgata 43 – Styling: Thomas Lingsell, Photography: Andy Liffner

Cue people shouting,

“Well, you’re not gaining a bedroom if you lose your box room, you’ve still only got a three bedroom house…”

And they’re not wrong. But we don’t need a four bedroom house. We need a three “good-sized bedroom” house. That, and a space for me to sit at a desk. We’re also not bothered about how it will affect the resale value. Like I said before, we’re not moving. Anyone who plans their whole house build/renovation on what it might sell for in 40 years time isn’t on the same page as us.


My desk and office space will stay exactly where it is now, it will just sit on an open plan landing instead in a tiny room. We took the box room door off months ago anyway. It just got in the way and we never closed it. My thoughts are, any doors you don’t use, get rid of em. They take up so much floor space and block light and space.

Loft 1st floor layoutNew first floor layout with open plan landing and office space

We’re so excited to get started. Only two weeks before I start moaning about all the noise and mess. I hope you guys stick around to watch the whole project progress with me. I’m gonna need you guys to help keep me sane whilst i’m running around with Henry the hoover.

Improve - Don't Move Pinterest Board Network Veka

Are you in the same boat as us? Need more space, but don’t want to move? There are loads of ways you can keep your postcode and gain some space. Take a look at Network VEKA’s Look Book for some great home improvement inspiration written by some of my favourite interiors’ experts. And don’t forget to follow their “Improve, Don’t Move” board on Pinterest too.

Any of you thinking about converting your loft? Already done it? Would love to hear your thoughts on our plans so far.

This post was written in collaboration with Network VEKA. But all opinions are my own. Always. I only ever work with companies and brands that I actually like and think you will like too.




  1. Very exciting to be converting your loft and totally agree with you – it doesn’t matter that you’re swapping a small bedroom for a larger one, as the landing will provide space for a home office, which is often what the box room ends up as anyway!

  2. Lesley says

    Liking the plans, we have the main bedroom at the front next to the box room, but the original owners extended this into the landing, so it’s a long narrow bedroom which my son uses, but was an office/junk room in previous life. I’ve often thought about extending into the loft, but not sure we have the height. Out of interest what is the max height in your loft? I really like the staircase idea, it’s a design statement on its own, not some ugly stairs that some put n place so you can access the room. Looks a very exciting project can’t wait to see the progress. Btw commented in Houzz on room of the week under my Nom de Plume DTDL!

    • Aaah, so that’s you **waves** Thanks for your lovely comment on Houzz too 🙂 Back to the loft, we’re lucky with the roof height in our loft, it’s about 2.9m to the ridge. So we’ll be getting about 2.4m high ceilings once the new floor is down and the dormer built. Same as our other rooms. Anyway, scaffold up this week. Can’t wait!!

  3. Sisi says

    Just want to say I love your blog! I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts so far and am trying to catch up on your old posts 😉

    Came across this post today and I’ve read your finished articles on the office and loft. Have to stay I really like how the spaces have turned out. One question though – how did you solve the storage problem now you have converted your loft? That’s the question we are struggling with with our house when considering a garage conversion!

    • Karen Knox says

      Ah thank you. That’s very nice to read 🙂

      Storage – we got rid of A LOT of stuff and re-packed and organised what was staying. It all fits into the eaves storage behind the sliding doors in the bedroom and also in the additional storage we built on the landing. It’s certainly tight, but we managed it!

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