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My Ikea picks for A/W 2016

I’ve been busy perusing my Ikea catalogue since it popped through our letterbox last week. I can’t lie. I’ve earmarked about fives pieces that I simply must have, touch, use in a project. Ikea have released some killer pieces that are totally on trend, in fact a little ahead of the game. Let me show you what made my tummy smile.

There were two that caught my eye from the VIKTIGT range:



“The seat is woven of paper cords, which is both sturdy and comfortable to sit on. Each piece of furniture is unique as it is handmade.”


Ethnic interiors have shot off like a rocket this year. Since Ikea released the SINNERLIG collection by Ilse Crawford last year, softer and natural materials like, bamboo, rattan and wicker have been everywhere. With this mix of materials and clean Scandinavian lines, Ikea make it a doddle to add these pieces to your existing decor. This is such a stand out piece and for £40 they won’t be in stock for long. I tell thee.

PE575651.0VIKTIGT Hanging Planter

The #UrbanJungleBlogger’s favourite. Ran out of spaces on your window sill for plants? Fret not. Hang ’em from yer ceiling. I have just started with the hanging planters and I like seeing plants where you don’t expect it.


GRONADAL Rocking Chair

“The idea behind GRÖNADAL rocking chair was to make a rocking chair that joins different materials and expressions in unexpected ways. Rattan and ash are vibrant natural materials that age beautifully, and create an interesting contrast to the powder-coated steel. The seat and back are hand-woven using traditional techniques, while the light shape brings modern Scandinavian design to mind. Every part is made with love and care – which I hope you’ll feel when using it.

Designer: Lisa Hilland”


I love the idea of a rocking chair at home. A “switch-off” chair. In fact, i’ve just this minute thought of a place where it would be perfect.**pins to relevant board**


Three pieces from the SVARTAN range designed by Martin Bergstom caught my eye.

SVARTAN Tray Table

“When I came to India, the first thing I noticed was the light. But then I started seeing other things. I saw the beauty beyond the obvious: the amazing patina of surfaces, the textures of walls, patterns created by the monsoon rains. These imprints felt like India to me. Both abstract and organic, both modern and traditional – all at the same time.”

Designer Martin Bergström


SVARTAN Flat woven Rug

It’s a really dark and moody, almost “goth” collection in blacks, charcoals and greys. Very rustic.


SVARTAN Side Table/Stool

“This stool is sandblasted, giving it an uneven and vibrant surface.”

0428207_PE583401_S5KULLABERG Desk

Industrial design hasn’t really gone anywhere, still making it presence felt in interiors. However, since the salvaged/antique/vintage market has gone totally bonkers, price wise… buying new can actually be cheaper. And easier.

“We want KULLABERG table tops to have a natural and lively look. So we decided to leave knots and other marks in the surface which makes your table top unique. The desk can be used simply as a desk or a dining table depending on whether you mount the cross at the underframe edge or in the middle.”


KULLABERG Swivel Chair

“I began designing KULLABERG swivel chair after a recent visit to a Paris flea market. I remembered seeing beautiful, slightly worn furniture there, and wanted to make a rustic work chair inspired by an old-fashioned industrial style and vintage details. At the same time, I wanted to keep the functionality of a modern work chair, so that it’s good to use too. The result is a simple, honest and timeless chair that’s truly comfortable to sit on.”

Designer Sarah Fager


FALSTERBO wall shelf

Open shelving couldn’t be anymore on trend if it tried right now. One of these is destined for our new bathroom. Look how amazing they look when they’re paired together too:


Love. This. Look. I just need to wait until they’re actually in stock in store or online. **sigh** Don’t you just hate that?

Let me know if anything here has caught your eye. Or if i’ve missed something rather splendid.



  1. Suzie says

    I have sworn off ikea but a stool may be in my future! And maybe a hanging basket. And maybe a rocking chair.

  2. Oh god. I really didn’t need an excuse to go back to Ikea. I’m always bloody there. But GAAAAH I love it all!! The mix of natural wood against the black is just right up my alley!

  3. I love the arrival of a new Ikea catalogue – what lovely ideas there are this year! I was a bit miffed not to receive a catalogue this year, just a leaflet to say the new one is out. Guess that could be an excuse to visit though….

  4. I promised myself a girl’s day out to IKEA before going back to work after my maternity leave. I go back on Monday and still not been. Seeing these beautiful bits makes me desperate to go. Lovely picks Karen.

  5. I literally love and want it all! Especially love the black and grey rug and the Viktigt hanging baskets, loving all the textures x

  6. Jen Stanbrook says

    Hmmm some lovely choices here Karen. Have my Ikea catalogue but not had chance to peruse it properly – must grab a cuppa and do it!

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