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A mirror of my very own

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post all about Crittall Mirrors (you can take a peep at that here) and how they are popping up all over the place. Well randomly, the following week, I was contacted by the very lovely people at Exclusive Mirrors asking if i’d like to review one of their mirrors….

…. Cue me jumping onto their site and searching for all things industrial and window related.


And low and behold….

EE2761 Rockford Mirror91 x 76cm

They only bloomin had one of the actual mirrors i’d written about only two weeks prior. The Rockford Window Mirror. It was fate I tell thee. I had no idea where this mirror was actually going to go when I opted for it, but ya know, sometimes you just have to find a place don’t you?

“The Rockford” arrived super quickly and super safely. I’m always a little sceptical about ordering anything glass-y online, but this was really well packaged and didn’t have a mark on it (once i’d wrestled off all the layers of packaging).

With me opting for something with an industrial vibe, I wasn’t sure how authentic it was going to appear/feel. Sometimes these pieces can look great in the pictures and when they turn up they can just look naff. Lightweight. Tinny. OTT. But The Rockford didn’t disappoint. It’s a beast. A huge, heavyweight, subtle but beautiful statement-y beast.


I did my best not to put my back out moving it around the house. Will it go here? Could it go there? I probably should have waited for the husband to get home to give me a hand. But nah, balls to that. I’m far too impatient. So after moving it throughout the house, I left it propped up against a wall to simply admire it for a while. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already spotted this pic above. Oh and you can see the reflection of our teeny tiny bathroom too.


It was the reflection of my bathroom that made me think of the perfect spot for our new Rockford. Like, super perfect.

Where then?

Over the sink in our new shower-room that’s being built as part of our loft extension. There. Have I mentioned that we’re starting it in September? No? Well we are. And i’m all kinds of excited and nervous all rolled into one.


So…. as I can’t actually show you the mirror in where it will actually end up going (as that room doesn’t exist yet), I’ve done some shots of it in the ole living room, because it actually looks frickin awesome here too.


Top tip: If there’s a dark corner in a room you want to lighten up a little, try placing a mirror on the darkest wall to reflect the light back out. Even better, place a mirror behind a lamp and you’ll get double the light.


Now as you can see i’ve just leant the mirror against the wall, but it’s heavy. Ya know, like a TV, but the mirror does come with some heavy duty fixings on the back to hang the mirror safely. Definitely a drill, plug and screw into wall jobby.


If you were going to go for the more casual, “leaning look”, still make sure it’s fixed to the wall to prevent it from sliding and ruining your best china (or wooden hand).


I love the finish on the metalwork, it’s got that lovely rusty look, but not overdone or contrived. The black frame has these tiny flecks of ageing running through it. Very convincing. I really was impressed.

What do you think of the new addition then? You like? I will be sharing it again later this year when it finally makes it into our new bathroom. Can’t wait.


Jump over to Exclusive Mirrors now as they’ve got 15% off this Bank Holiday weekend. Whoop!


I was very kindly gifted the mirror for review (thank you!) but all opinions are my own. Always. I only ever work with companies and brands that I actually like and think you will like too.


  1. What good timing – was looking to buy this mirror but all the marketing images online are terrible so was looking to see better situational pictures and stumbled across your blog and its fab pictures which has absolutely cemented my decision to by this mirror! Love it against the deep blue wall – what paint colour is that please?

    • You’re right. The images online really aren’t great at all. I never know why companies don’t invest in better, close up shots of their items. Really glad my photos helped. The wall colour is actually off black, it’s Crown Paint’s Night Fever, which is now discontinued annoyingly but they can still mix it at one of their specialist stores. Thanks Amy!

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