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The Edwardian Master Bedroom

Let me introduce you to a new project. A four bedroom Edwardian, stone-built property with most of its period features, full of character, books, art, family memories, two kittens, a cat, colour and pattern.

The house is absolutely full of life, but needs some work to get it looking its best. Where to start?


The master bedroom of course. With these awesome views of some of the best green bits of Huddersfield, it’s time to bring some of that outdoors in.


There are some key pieces that are definitely staying. The first being the Compton wallpaper by William Morris. That HAD to stay, in fact, this whole room has been planned around it. We needed more. The beautiful curved wood armchairs with William Morris fabric, of course they are staying. Oh and the gorgeous chest of drawers aren’t going anywhere either. All definitely keepers.

Everything else in here… pretty much going.


Everyone say buh-bye to:

  • Built in mirrored door wardrobes. **waves**
  • Carpet. Adios.
  • White radiator on chimney breast wall. Sling yer hook.
  • Bed. Not quite cutting it.

So what’s the plan stan?


William Morris – Compton

The wallpaper was clearly the stand-out feature of the room, so we started there. This design will run as a band around the whole room between the dado and the picture rail. The two armchairs picking up the same pattern on the lower half of the room. The rest of the walls, ceilings and woodwork, the homeowner wanted to go dark. Yesssss. No white woodwork here peeps. We picked the darkest green out of the Compton wallpaper and after much swatch checking and image searching we went with Little Greene’s Sage Green paint.


Beautiful isn’t it?

They work so well together me thinks. Although i’ve no idea how a white Ikea Lack coffee table made it into that room set above? Eh??

Anywaaaaay…. Plans for the rest of the room?

  • Strip the floorboards. Stain. Add large Persian rug
  • Source antique wardrobe, bed-frame and lighting
  • Adjust the layout significantly to maximise space and functionality
  • Re-plumb a new cast iron radiator, not on the chimney breast
  • Re-wire sockets

But before any of that can be done, the room needed stripping out. Like, right back.


Here’s the room on my second visit. They’d been super busy, ripping up the old carpets, and dismantling the sliding mirrored wardrobes. Very exciting.


This room had gone from a redecoration project to a renovation project. There’s no such thing as “just decorating” a period property. There is always a load of crap to deal with. And as soon as you’ve pulled the thread…. it all unravels. No looking back.

See what I mean? Third visit:


Stripped right back to the bare bones. The century old plasterwork is shot, bits of the woodwork is missing, but you can already see this is going to be a special room.


An old fireplace was unearthed from behind that old radiator (which has now gone, thank god). It would be great to fully open it up and add a salvaged, period fire surround. Still mulling over that one. Either way, it’s going to look a hell of a lot better without that bloody hunk of white metal in front of it.


It is a little odd, however the fireplace being off centre don’t cha think? These Edwardians must have been on the source building this ‘un.

Oh and you can spy the new cast iron radiator in the above pic too, which I love. Probably a little too much.


A beautiful four column number from Cast Iron Radiators, colour matched in Little Greene’s Sage Green. I can’t wait to get it plumbed in.


Not forgetting the antique brass thermostatic Crocus valves which made me do a little happy sigh when I saw them. Sooo nice.

The room needs some considerable repairs to the plasterwork before we get anywhere near the satisfying decorating stage. But we’re ready for it. The paint and wallpaper is sitting pretty at the side of the room. Waiting patiently. Unlike me.


Would love to hear your thoughts on the plans for this project so far. It’s going to be quite different to the others i’ve done. There will no doubt be some little quirks and twists to lift the space and prevent it from looking like a 100 year old bedroom.

Let me know what you think.


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