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The Drawing Room – Shopping List

As promised, the last time I wrote about the Drawing Room, I mentioned there’d be a blog post coming soon enough, with the shopping list for this room.


I think it’s time you guys got to see what we’ve been busy finding (and buying) whilst we’ve been waiting for the new sash windows to go in.


Ferm Living Lines Wallpaper from Cloudberry Living

I’m sure you all remember this, but just incase you missed the last few posts about this project, this wallpaper is going around the whole room becoming the backdrop to everything inside. It’s going to be sooo good. As soon as the windows are in, it’s time for the wallpaper. Eeee! **does little dance**


Euan Floor Lamp from Habitat

There’s a yellow/brass theme going on in this room. Lots of little pops of “bright” to contrast against the dark blue wallpaper.


Stockholm Glass Door Cabinet from Ikea

This will become the drinks cabinet. Crystal glasses galore and obscure spirits are awaiting their new home. Glass and metallics will be used to bounce the light around against the dark walls. And a couple of mirrors too no doubt.



Ekenaset Armchair from Ikea

Needs no introduction or explanation. Classic design made affordable. Thanks Ikea. We love you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 09.45.15

And you can’t have an armchair without a rare breed Sheepskin from Hide Rugs

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 09.48.41Loose Ends 1 & 2 by Andy Welland, Sheffield based independent graphic designer. They were purchased by the homeowners before we started working on this room together. These guys definitely aren’t shy of using colour at home. They’re currently getting framed (really slowly) so I actually haven’t seen them yet.

Sybil Glass Top Console Table from La Redoute

You can’t have a room without something from La Redoute. I’ve decided. And so far this room’s got a La Redoute rug and now this glass console table. Styling and serious “faffing” awaits.


Aula Coffee Table from in Brass

It’s looking likely the Aula table from is going to be the table to replace their more mid-century styled coffee table. Not ordered yet, but it’s on the list. It will make a beautiful centre piece for the room, the brass picking up the geometric design in the wallpaper and the glass reflecting the light from the ceiling light (still not decided upon) above.

Ferm Living Plant Stand and Plant Pot

Oh and we both totally fell for the Ferm Living plant stand and pot used in their press image for the Lines wallpaper. It would have been rude not to. Don’t cha think?

So here’s everything all together:


What do you think? There are some really brave pieces in here aren’t there? Any take your fancy? I already know i’m going to be so jealous of this room when it’s finished.


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