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My 7 from Society 6 – Pt 2

I wrote a post last November about some new art purchased from Society 6 for chez Making Spaces. As you may already know, our house does not need ANY more art. Any at all. But I seemed to have filled my basket again. It’s one of the downsides of working in interiors, you’re constantly searching for cool stuff for other people and invariably, you find a lot of stuff you’d rather like for yourself.

Let me show you what i’ve been finding for projects and ogling for myself…


abyss of the disheartened : IX by Heather Landis

I have no idea why this reminds me of our wedding day (we didn’t even get our feet wet), but it does. Makes me ponder the whole “relationships” thang. And makes me smile. I like how they’re together, holding hands, but they’re apart. I guess you can interpret it exactly how you want to. Which is why art is so bloody amazing. And important in adding interest to a space.


think by LouiJoverArt

Yes, another “note to self” print. I need to see these kind of things around me at all times. My brain can sometimes me my arch enemy and getting away from some of the thoughts that spill out of there is generally a good thing. The husbandado said he didn’t like her hair. Fair doos (ha, rhymes with hair doos).


best seller by LouiJoverArt

Did you smile? I did. “best seller” by LouiJoverArt is going in a project i’ve just finished, the Eclectic Living Room? As soon as I spotted the Penguin cover I knew I was onto a winner. They love their vintage Penguin books they do and i’m sure the sentiment on the print will ring some bells for them.


I’m a cloud stealer by HappyMelvin

Ah ok. “I’m a cloud stealer” by Happy Melvin is for another project i’m working on. It’s not a design project as such as their house is done. I’m working with the homeowners to help find all the finishing touches their house needs. Art being one of them. Finding art for people can be really tricky as it’s sooo personal. Normally, on a project, by the time i’m getting to art purchases i’ve already worked with a client for months and have got to know them, their loves, hates, tastes, experiences etc. Trying to choose art for someone when you haven’t been through that process can be really difficult. But I think we’ve made some headway. And all things sky, ombre, and clouds seem to be “winner winner chicken dinner!”

cloud play 1 jr goodwin

Cloud Play I by JR Goodwin

The actual piece they’ve fallen for is way out of nearly every man and his dog’s budget. It’s currently priced at nearly £1000 for a PRINT **faints** over at Rocket St George. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a forever piece, absolutely stunning and would actually be perfect for their living room. If only I could knock one of those 0’s off the end of the price tag.


Head In the clouds by Seamless

With all the “cloud art” searching, I spotted “Head in the Clouds” by Seamless for little ole moi. I don’t think I really need to explain this one.


Bill Murray by Replaceface

Bill Murray. Admiral BILL MURRAY! How cool would this look on a vintage gallery wall? I’ll tell you. Extremely.


Vaders Gonna Vade by Heather Landis

And last but not least, “Vaders Gonna Vade” by Heather Landis, because the colours are just right for our living room. And there’s a Storm Trooper hiding in the mix. I’d totally sit down and time how long it took our 3 y/o to spot Darth Vader in the background. He can spot any Star Wars franchised marketing from the other end of the supermarket.  How do they do that?

So there you have it. This is what’s in the basket right now with my finger hovering over the “order” button. Any of these take your fancy? If so, there’s 10% off right now. #enabler


  1. Absolutely love your picks!! The penguin cover, oh yes, except now I’m a supposedly responsible parent, I can’t have sweary art :(. The cloud ones are gorgeous <3

  2. Well, actually they all take my fancy! Love the expensive cloud one though. I might break the piggy bank for that one. x

  3. Some really unusual finds that I’ve never come across before, I love the penguin book cover, a great statement piece X

  4. I love the wedding one – so spooky but romantic – and the Jane Austin style one best. Love their way they have a creepy but cool modern twist on them.

  5. Gosh, you’ve certainly spotted an interesting collections of pieces! I personally love all the cloud ones, especially I’m a Cloud Stealer.

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