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The Crittall Mirror

Crittall windows aren’t new by any means, they span three centuries. First invented in the 1880s, the first steel windows were manufactured, under the ownership of Francis Henry Crittall in 1884. A VERY quick design history lesson for you right there.

Metal-framed windows are back with avengance, what with all things vintage and industrial rocking the design world right now. The resurgence of all things Crittall (steel framed glazing) in the 21st Century is no surprise what with their graphic, minimal frames feeling über contemporary whilst adding some architectural elegance and structure to a room.


Arcadia Antiques

Here’s an original Crittall window from the 1800’s, now reglazed with small panels of mirror. Absolutely stunning. But for £1500, it’s not an impulse purchase by any means. It’s a real design-head’s purchase which would equally be right at home in a swanky apartment or period property. Or cool bar/restaurant… bloody hipsters.

So how do you get this look at home without selling your car? Crittall mirrors are the more affordable way of adding this iconic design to your interiors. They are everywhere right now and I’ve been searching high and low options for a client this week. Want to see what i’ve come up with so far?


Rockford Window Mirror – Exclusive Mirrors

“This Rockford window mirror offers a stylish elegant design that is oozing with style and class. The mirror offers a simple look that is perfectly suited to any contemporary minimalistic home design.”


Angelina – Maisons Du Monde

“Add an air of refinement into your bedroom or bathroom with the Angelina mirror. 
This antiqued look mirror is made up of a set of mirrors.”


Cargo Verriere – Maisons Du Monde

“Drawing inspiration from old factories, this CARGO VERRIÈRE mirrorwill both add light and a decorative feel in your interior.
The perfect way to add a sense of space in a room, the mirror belongs in a contemporary or industrial living room.”


Crittall Window Style Mirror – Rocket St George

“The Crittal Window Style Mirror is a fabulously stylish piece that brings the Crittal latticed style to a mirror, creating a unique and striking option for the bedroom, living room or hall.”


Malory Mirror – Laura Ashley

“A stunning piece that will provide the focal point in any room, our Malory mirror is a sophisticated floor standing style that oozes contemporary charm. The window pane effect and wrought iron finish gives this large mirror a space enhancing effect and industrial appeal.”


Tobias Metal Mirror – Maisons Du Monde

“With its quadrilateral effect, this metal mirror will give relief to your living room. 
Formed by black metal baguettes, this modern mirror will enlarge you room, whilst remaining sober and discreet.”


Nine Pane Window Mirror – Net Deco

“A simple but very effective window-style mirror with a minimal metal frame in an antiqued finish. The pared-down style works well in many settings, from industrial chic through to traditional rustic.”

And last but by no means least… but probably my favourite because of the beautiful foxed glass.


Lola Tall Panelled Mirror – Rough Old Glass


“Panels of Vintage antiqued mirror, laid onto a painted backboard with a neat chamfered edge.”

I have some samples of this company’s foxed glass, and it is indeed, foxy. I actually framed the samples and have them as small 5×7″ mirrors. THAT’S how much I love it.

So what do you reckon? Are you feeling the need to add some of Mr Francis Henry Crittall’s iconic steel window design to your own pad? I hope one of these mirrors makes it into my next project.


  1. I love these. Unfortunately you’ve convinced me I need one for my livingroom. I might have to stop reading this blog Karen, it’s dangerous. But I really appreciate that you then tell us where to get these fabulous examples. Thank you!!

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