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Bright like a diamond

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen me dropping some rather big visual hints of a project that’s soon to land on the blog. The full reveal is hopefully coming in about a week’s time and I can’t wait to show what i’ve been working on.


Today, you’re getting a little glimpse into something that’s been fitted only this morning. I couldn’t resist taking some snaps to share with you here. Impatient as ever.

Let me show you….


The Geometric Diamond Light Bulb from Dowsing and Reynolds

These bulbs are brand new, and I think i’m correct in saying i’m the first person to get my paws on one (well, my client is, they’re so lucky). Designed in house by Dowsing and Reynolds, a Leeds based independent business specialising in unique lighting and edgy home decor.

Dowsing and Reynolds have read my mind with these bulbs. You guys know I love my industrial lighting, but sometimes a space needs something softer. I’ve been looking for something a little more glam than the hard light of the usual filament bulb. These frosted bulbs are perfect, giving off a gorgeous “soft focus” light, with much less glare.


Big tick for sustainability too. The geometric bulb will last you a life-time, all you need to do is change the G9 LED lightbulb inside and you’re ready to light her up again. Genius.

“Despite inital appearances, these bulbs are actually designed to be highly economical. The glass bulb is in effect a diamond shaped shade – the bulb itself is a G9 LED that sits in the top so when it blows, you just replace it rather than the whole bulb fitting.”

Dowsing and Reynolds very kindly wired me a 5m length of their black twisted fabric cable into a gold bulb holder, making it ready to simply plug in the wall socket, hook the cable onto one of their gold ceiling hooks and drape down in front of this rather eclectic gallery wall.


What a hottie. I’m gutted she’s not mine.

“Add a subtle hint of decadence to your interiors. Simply suspend one from a length of our lustrous black fabric cable to create an eye-catching light fitting. The matt frosted finish of this bulb casts a subtle, warm glow which contrasts with the unusual geometric design.”


Isn’t it lovely? And with the fabric cable being so long, you can hang it as high or as low as you like. There is something rather kitsch sitting below this light. I couldn’t get a photo of it today as there was wet filler and paint drying on the wall next to it. See how impatient I am?

There are two geometric designs available, Diamond and Polygon Pear, both coming in either clear or frosted glass. They’d look amazing as a set over a dining table, or weaving down a hallway wouldn’t they?


But that’s as much as you’re getting for now. I shall be back with more photos of this light, what it’s shining down upon and the the full room reveal very soon. What do you think so far?

Ps. Happy Yorkshire Day peeps!


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