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Black Beauty


If you’re a person of a certain age, you’ll be humming the soundtrack to this right now. If you don’t know what i’m on about, well bully for you for being young. **blows raspberry**

My Black Beauty isn’t a horse (I don’t really like horses. You can’t see both of their eyes at the same time. Creeps me out). Our Black Beauty is our new swanky and very sexy, black gloss chiminea from


We’ve never had anything like this before. Oh I tell a lie, we did reuse our old washing machine drum as a fire pit. But to be honest, it’s wasn’t the luxury outdoor heating experience I was hoping for.


It stank, was really smokey, looked just like a washing machine drum and man, it got hot. So I was really excited to finally own my very first chiminea. Something fit for purpose.

Before selecting one (turns out there are loads to choose from) I spent a fair amount of time reading up on the pros and cons of Cast Iron, Steel and Clay chimineas, all of which are available at Chiminea Shop.

I finally selected The Gardeco Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea from Chiminea Shop and i’ll tell you for why….

“Like all Chimalin AFC chimineas it has a traditional Mexican shape which naturally produces a clean, bright flame – and leaves only fine ash.


It also features the revolutionary Advanced Fire Clay (AFC) which means that you no longer have to cure the chimineas before use, or line the base with any insulating material to prevent cracking. 

Big tick!

Each comes with a 5 year guarantee against thermal cracking (ie cracking from the heat produced by the fire).”


It was delivered last week, directly to my back garden by my favourite TNT driver. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the OH (husbandado) for some assistance with the unpacking and lugging about.


And in situ on our small patio area. Chooch obviously had to give her the once over before we fired her up (yes, it’s a she).


Saturday night was the perfect time to try her out. Tiddles was in bed. We’d finished dinner and tidied up (I always relax properly when the house is tidy) and it was a beautiful evening.


Sitting by the light of the fire with a glass of wine in one hand and a sheepskin to snuggle on was soooo nice. We sat out there for ages, our new chiminea taking centre stage. It heated up really quickly and gave off a lovely ambient heat.


There wasn’t any smoke or any stinky smells either, everything about it was enjoyable and I can see our little black number stretching out the rest of our summer nights. Perfect for autumn too. Can’t wait to toast marshmallows on bonfire night, whilst sipping hot chocolate and running around the garden with sparklers. Eeeee. ‘Citing.


I absolutely love her. She’s given our tiny patio a focal point, a reason to sit outside more and that high gloss black finish is just gowjus. Do you like?

I’d highly recommend a trip to the Chiminea Shop, they’ve got a great selection of styles and sizes and can provide all the advice and info you need to choose your perfect outdoor fireplace.


I was very kindly gifted the chiminea for review but all opinions are my own. Always. I only ever work with companies and brands that I actually like and think you will like too.


  1. Looks lovely Karen, we’ve ordered one in cream, so I hope it looks as nice as the black gloss! Can’t wait to try it and glad to know it’s not all smoky like our fire pit is. Perfect with your new sheepskin too for al fresco evenings! X

    • Yay. You’re gona love it. It’s soooo nice and much easier to use and be around. We nearly went for the cream, but decided to go black. You know me! 🙂 x

  2. Looks fab, Karen! And you’re right about it being a great focal point – just like in a family lounge with a fireplace I suppose. I could stare at those flames all night, super relaxing.
    Hope you get the nice weather to enjoy it properly! x

  3. Looks very stylish, and such a great idea to extend the use of the garden for longer no matter what the weather or if the evenings are a bit chilly x

  4. With the summers we have you need one of these. Teamed with that fur throw you blogged about – you would be able to sit outside until Xmas!

  5. Loved Black Beauty (*hums tune) and love your Black Beauty even more, that gloss finish is very sexy. Here’s to lots of evenings of you and husbandado sitting and staring into the flames (or each others’ eyes, or at the stars) – very romantic!

  6. Oh yes! Very jealous of this – have always wanted one. It looks great and you’re so right about how it can help extend your living space. Lush x

  7. Ailsa says

    I have been thinking about the chiminea since you first posted this!
    I just wondered, have you used it much this summer? How has it faired? Still looking as beautiful as it does in these pictures?

    • Hey Alisa, we’ve used it a couple of times since our first outing and it still looks as beautiful as it did when we unpacked it. It’s been rained on but as it’s got that black gloss finish, it’s not really altered it at all. Hope that helps?

      • Matt says

        Hello. I’m considering buying one of these myself, hopefully in black too. Do you still have it four years on, and if so, how has it been during that time? Thanks.

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