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P.P.P. Power Tools

You guys know i’m fond of a cheeky DIY. I’ve made a few bits and pieces for our home and for projects.

From desks, to giant outdoor chalkboards and artwork to lighting, I love these pieces just a lil bit more as the finished article is always full of (mainly) fond memories.

Now there are three things I couldn’t live without for these DIY missions:

Number one: My trusty helpers, normally my pops or my husbandado (we got married very recently and I still can’t say the word husband without sniggering. I’m such a child). Whenever my olds visit, I generally have one or two “jobettes” lined up for my dad. He loves it really.

Number two: An absolute must have is our ever growing collection of tools. They’ve filled our under-stairs cupboard and the boot of my car. I’ve inherited a very respectable set of tools from my dad who was a Design and Technology teacher back in the day (completely unrelated to my A* in GSCE Design and Technology everyone) and probably explains why I carry a tape and laser measure around in my handbag. Although I still haven’t mastered his skill of converting centimetres to inches, inches to feet, feet to metres, metres to yards etc.

Number three: Childcare. You can’t do DIY with a 3 y/o trying to get handy with the hammer. Our little one did get a tool set for Christmas last year, which we’re not allowed to touch. Seems fair.

And that brings me onto my Christmas gifts from my OH last year. I’ve already discussed my hatred of useless gifts on a post from last year. So much so that nobody buys me anything anymore unless it’s practical. Or comes with a receipt. I remember the year, my bro and I gave each other a £5 note for Christmas so we could buy what we wanted. Sensible.

Let’s see what the hubster got me then.



How happy was I!?  🙂

I don’t know many people that would be beaming ear to ear after tearing off the Rudolph wrapping paper and seeing a dustsheet as part of their festive haul. But this DIY Christmas  gift bonanza was immensely awesome and my new drill was the now king of the tool cupboard.

DIY OSB Desktop

The new, swanky drill was quickly put to use in the new year when we made my ace OSB desk and again, shortly after when finally fitting our new blinds for the bedroom. Good times.


Since then it’s been an absolute godsend as it can be used as an electric screwdriver, so perfect for flat-packing (and un-flat-packing), wall fixings and the like but can also be used for drilling into masonry.

When popping out for testers, paint brushes or Frog Tape, i’m finding myself spending more and more time strolling up and down the “Tools” aisle. Perusing the drill bits and ogling the wall plugs. That ladies and gentlemen is a sign of change. A sign I need a bigger tool box. And a bigger car to put it in.

So, anyone else out there got the toolbox bug?  What are your absolute DIY/toolbox must haves?

This post was written in collaboration with Homebase, but all opinions are my own. Always. I only ever work with companies and brands that I actually like and think you will like too.


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