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Ethical interiors

Sheepskins are taking over, people. I know, it’s summer. The sun is shining (for now anyway) but more and more i’m seeing delicious, curly, soft, shaggy sheepskins draped, thrown, sometimes even strewn across chairs, sofas, loungers, beds, benches and floors.

ekenesat chair sheepskin rug

I wrote a post almost a year ago about my initiation into the world of sheepskins. Since then, my love has nothing but decupled (timesed x 10). I didn’t even know that was a word until today did you? My sheepskin love did however, feel like a bit of a guilty pleasure. I was vegetarian for over a decade based on my issues with animal welfare, but did start eating meat again when it became easier to buy organic and free-range. I do buy leather shoes, jackets and bags but would never buy or wear a fur coat.  So where did I stand on sheepskins? I was unsure about how could I justify using them at home and for work.

HideRugs Sheepskins

So I began searching for ethically sourced sheepskins and came across Hide Rugs, an independent, UK family business. Hide Rugs guarantee their hides are ethically sourced, coming from high quality farms where animals live good lives and are slaughtered humanely. The hides are purely a bi-product of the meat industry, none of the animals are bred purely for their skins. So it’s nothing at all like owning and wearing furs. This made me very happy indeed. A place I can source guilt-free and affordable sheepskins.

Hide Rugs specialise in Rare Breeds, Icelandic and Gotland curly sheepskins to name a few. No two rugs are the same, each having different colouring, density, detail and sizing. And it’s this unique-ness that makes them so addictive. Each one is limited edition. Limited to one.

Here are just a few of my favourites:


Gotland Curly Sheepskin

Arrgh! I love these curly numbers. Originally sourced from several parts of Scandinavia and known for their soft, bouncy fleece and gorgeous colour combinations.


Icelandic Sheepskin

Icelandic Sheep are one of the oldest most purest breeds of domestic sheep in the world. They have the most amazing long wavy hair with incredible subtle blend of colours and markings. These beauties are rare and have limited availability, so if you see one you like, don’t mess about.


Rare Breed Sheepskin

The British rare breeds are natural in shape and colour making them a must have for the interiors addict like me. The UK has some of most aesthetically desirable breeds of sheep. They’re super thick and fluffy and incredibly soft under foot.

Hide Rugs very kindly offered to send me one of sheepskins for review (Eeeeee!) and as you can imagine, it took me about a week to choose just one. But I did. And here it is:

2016-07-14 12.25.44

Waaaaa! An extremely sexy, double rare breed sheepskin in cream, taupe and grey. Isn’t she a doll?

2016-07-14 12.25.06

The rare breeds start at £46 for a single and £134 for a double. They range from cream to dark chocolate brown and everything in between. My particular favourites being the ones with lashings of grey thrown into the mix.

2016-07-14 12.26.37

It’s like snuggling a panda. It’s so thick and cosy and the natural colours are just gowjus.

2016-07-14 12.27.03

They’re so ridiculously tactile, don’t you just want to get your toes in there? Oh and for anyone who thinks sheepskins are just for winter….

2016-07-14 11.27.44

They also make the best cushions/blankets for your outdoor furniture. Perfect for a night around the firepit (or early evening as I go to bed at 8.30pm).

So have you caught the sheepskin bug yet? Pop over to Hide Rugs and have a peruse and i’m sure you will.

This review was written in collaboration with Hide Rugs. All opinions and words are my own. Always. And I only ever write about brands that I love or think you will love too.



  1. Okay, so they do look really amazing so I will forgive you doing a sheepskin post on the hottest day of the year when I have already done a massive ironing pile in the baking heat, eaten a boiling hot shepherd’s pie because it was going out of date and I had just published a post on avoiding food waste so felt that I really needed to practice what I preached…Now sheepskin! Are you trying to finish me off?!! I do like a bit of sheepskin though, temperatures permitting! Great pics as usual!

    • Ha. Funny. Well I don’t iron, so can’t sympathise with you there. You could have frozen the shepherd’s pie (how apt for a post on sheepskins). I’ll give you one point though, on it being flipping boiling. Hotter today so get that factor 50 out and stay away from the iron!!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous sheepskins, and great prices too! You can absolutely talk about sheepskins in summer, they’re lovely all year. Love your choice!
    P.S. I don’t iron either, haha! Always knew you were clever 😉 I don’t get why women would, as so many women’s clothes don’t need ironing… surely not doing the husband’s shirts?? That’s his job!

    • They’re beaut aren’t they? And I’m with you 100%. Ironing is a pointless exercise in my opinion. My mum always said, “You’ll start ironing when you have children”. Yeah right. That’s literally the last thing I want to spend my time doing now. Especially when tiddles can go through three tshirts before 9am. Don’t even know where the iron is!

  3. They really are beautiful! And I think sheepskins are definitely great for summer – especially if you have a leather couch, stops you from sticking to it haha!
    Love the oversized ones here. Absolutely gorge. Wonder if I can persuade the hubby.
    Karen x

    • Yes!! I’ve got a mini one on our leather chair and it defo helps to relieve the feeling of your skin being pulled off the back of your legs. Ha x

  4. SO beautiful. We have 2 sheepskin rugs which I love switching around the house. Need to get me a fluffier version now, and one of those ikea chairs in the top photo. They look amazing together!

    • Yes do. Check out the Icelandic sheepskins on their site. I’m certain you’ll love the fluffy-ness factor of those!x

  5. kate says

    I’m certainly obsessed with them Karen – oh so cosy and perfect outdoors when the sun is beginning to fade but you want to make the most of the summer months!

  6. Jen Stanbrook says

    Ooh such gorgeous shots and lovely rugs, I do love an ethical sheepskin 🙂

  7. Oh wow, I love the look of these. My husband is always badgering me to get a sheepskin but I hate the cheap looking yellowish ones and always assumed the gorgeous fluffy ones like these were mega expensive. I’m well impressed. And to think they are ethical too. It doesn’t get any better than that. An Icelandic one would look beautiful on my sofa.

    • Yes I know what you mean. The rare breeds and icelandic sheepies just knock the bleached ones out of the park. I love seeing the natural colourings. I think you should get one too!! 😊

  8. I’m lusting over a hide for my cane chair in my living room – and for my DWS rocking chair. But I never thought about putting them outside. What a fab idea, means you can extend the summer for as longer with a cosy sheepskin to snuggle under. Now which one to pick….

    • Sheepskins rule! Even outdoors. Had an evening outside on the patio last night with our new chiminea and sheepskin over our chairs. Lovely!

  9. Beautiful picks from Hide Rugs! The invasion of sheepskins is all the fault of Abigail Aherne… Not that we mind because we love them, and I already have two in my home and want a couple more!!!

  10. Well, I just cannot imagine a bedroom or a living space for that matter without those lovely cosy sheepskins, cuddly fabrics..they give so much softness to otherwise quite modern industrial-looking interiors of today.

  11. Alex says

    These are amazing! Nice to see that you don’t always have to pay more for quality and ethical sourcing. Might have to put this on my wishlist (but would get one today if I could!)

  12. Eluxury Home says

    Gorgeous sheepskins, You can absolutely talk about sheepskins in summer, they’re lovely all year. Love your choice!

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