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The (not so great) Outdoors

There’s one bit of our house that we’ve just not really tackled yet. It’s our awful outdoor space. Not all of it horrendous by any means, some of it is pretty nice actually. See.

The offending area is our driveway and rear patio. Ya know, the non green areas. If I have just one more tradesman knock on my front door and ask “do you want your driveway doing love?” I am going to lose my bloomin rag. Mark my words.

(But actually, yeah, I really do want my driveway doing.)

wilkinsons blackboard paint

A photo of our gross driveway from last year

So why haven’t you done it then?

It’s not because we’re lazy arse sods, it’s because we were going to have an extension down the side of the house, so it didn’t make sense to spend time and money on a space we were planning to build on. So we’ve just put up with the concrete/tarmac/slab disaster and focused on all things indoors.

concrete block wall

I honestly need a medal for putting up with this ^

We did make some progress last year with tarting up this section of space with out outdoor chalkboard.

outdoor chalkboard

It worked a treat as a temporary measure and helped disguise the grim-ness. Still going strong a year later too.


Unlike the driveway which is crumbling away before our very eyes. And shredding my feet. Ouch.

But finally, after several single-storey extension plans, we’ve decided on a loft extension. Which means one thing…. we can now get on with planning our outdoor space. Hoorah! Goodbye tatty tarmac, goodbye concrete block wall, goodbye slimy slabs.


It was around this time I was contacted by Mrs Stone Store asking if i’d be interested in reviewing some of their tiles. I jumped onto their site to see if they offered tiles suitable for outdoors. Et voila!

mrs stone store 1

Get in

You can see from their site, Mrs Stone Store are really passionate about their product. And their prices mean natural stone isn’t something reserved just for those with “dollar dollar bills y’all”. Established in 2013, this six strong family business have sourced a fantastic range of affordable and high quality Brazilian slate, limestone and sandstone, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Perfect for those of us who want to slide back the doors and walk seamlessly from indoors out onto the patio. Holding a G&T.


The dream

I requested a selection of tile samples suitable for outdoors and was sent a fab box of 10x 10cm tiles. Each tile came with sticky pads on the base making them ready to keep and use as coasters.


Nice touch


First thing I did was take them outside and see how they looked in the great outdoors. I quickly concluded that ALL of them looked a hell of a lot better than our current set up.


My personal favourite being the Brazillian Grey Slate (bottom right in the pic above) with its super smooth finish and subtle two tone colour, they’re the perfect choice for creating a seamless open plan floor space from indoors to out.


Brazilian Grey Slate Paving

Starting at around £25 per m/sq they’re actually really good value too. I’d love to have them in the layout above. Simple, sleek columns of oversized 900 x 600mm tiles across the patio and wrapping around the side and onto the front of our semi-detached house. We could almost double the size of our garden if we incorporated our driveway into our official outdoor space. I can’t wait to actually get started.

If you’re looking for something more traditional with your tile layout, Mrs Stone Store also has a cool function on their site where you can select your preferred layout and they’ll calculate how many of each tile you need. Excellent.


So what do you think? Are you updating your indoor/outdoor flooring this summer? If so, definitely worth checking out Mrs Stone Store for some inspiration.

Written in collaboration with Mrs Stone Store. All opinions and words are my own. Always. And I only ever write about brands that I love or think you will love too.


  1. I love the idea of paving your driveway with these and making it double as a terrace/patio. Very nice! We SHOULD do something outdoors but I have no plans to right now, we are still in the “what if we…” stage. After all, we have only lived in this house for 8 years. Wouldn’t want to rush into anything.

    • Ha. We’ve been at the “what if we” stage since we’ve moved here, but I think we’ve finally cracked it now. Maybe!?

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