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Ferm Living – Lines

I’m currently in the process of gently persuading some lovely new clients to step outside of their comfort zone. I wouldn’t really be doing my job if I didn’t just a wee bit. I’ve eyed up the perfect wallpaper. And I’d love to use it on all four walls.

Come see.


Ferm Living’s, Lines Wallpaper is a new release for 2016. And it’s bloody gorgeous. The design comes in Dark Blue, Mint, Grey and Off White. Any guesses as to which my fave is?


Lines in Dark Blue by Ferm Living

This geometric, yet über elegant wallpaper is clearly inspired by Art Deco design. The delicate golden lines creating a subtle yet striking pattern. And it’s this blend of bold without being brash that makes it perfect for this couple’s new living room.


They’ve just moved in and are already getting stuck into modernising this 5 bed Edwardian house. The architect is tackling the back of the house and i’m getting to have some fun in this space.


The room is 5.5m x 4.5m with super expansive 3m high ceilings giving us plenty of wall to take a pattern. The homeowner’s love of mid-century furniture design, which is on a much smaller scale than traditional Victorian/Edwardian furniture means we’ve just got to scale up somewhere. The walls are key to this room.



This clean, over-sized, geometric landscape wallpaper will prevent this expansive room from feeling disconnected. The landscape element being the important bit as it carries your eye around the room, not up. We don’t need to make the ceilings feel any higher than they already are.


The room is also west facing, so basically, dark. Until about 5pm for a few hours and then dark again.

If it’s so dark, shouldn’t you use a light colour on the walls?

Yeah, sure. You could do. Take a look at the magnolia walls above. Does it work? No. It just looks grubby. Whatever colour you put on these walls, the room is going to look dark. Because it is a dark room. Simples.

What about white?

Yeah, white would actually be the worst colour in this space as it looks so grey and shadow-y in poor light. And just to dispel the myth that my entire house is like an underground, “off-black” cave, where I have to wear one of these to make a brew…


…half of my own house is white. Sometimes it’s the best (non) colour for a space. But for this room… it isn’t.

So if you have the dark blue wallpaper on every wall, isn’t it going to be really dark in the day?

Yes. Perhaps it will a little. But you won’t be there. You’re at work all day. Then you get home and eat dinner in the kitchen/diner, sort life stuff out and only come and plonk yourself on the sofa on an evening, gin in one hand, a throw in the other and several lamps on. Sounds cosy no?

So, have I convinced you? All around the room yeah? Here are a few more piccies I spotted of my travels. Hopefully they will help swing it.




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