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The Vertigo Light


I’m writing this post almost six years since the Vertigo Light was designed by Constance Guisset and made by Petite Friture; a French design manufacturer established in 2009.

This iconic design came up today in a consultation;

“Ya know, the one that looks like a big sombrero.”

I nodded.

It would actually be a perfect fit for the new room i’m going to be working in. I’d seen the Vertigo light around a fair bit on my internet travels, but didn’t really know much about it. It was time to do my homework (and see if I could ever afford to squeeze this quite stunning piece into a project budget).


Its ultra light fibreglass structure, stretched with velvelty polyurethane ribbons casts a scattered light around the room. A light that drifts and sways with the subtle movement of the air within a room.


“VERTIGO is an enveloping lamp that creates a space of intimacy. Being extremely light, this lamp responds to the slightest draught. When lit, it turns softly, projecting a graphic shadow pattern on the surrounding walls.” Constance Guisset

The very first thing that struck me upon further research was the sheer size. It’s immense.

I mean, really.




Like the Philip Treacy at Ascot, this is the light that can be seen amongst ALL the others.

It completely envelops this dining table above. Talk about statement lighting. This is it. A statement without being visually heavy, overly dominating or shortening the length of the room. You can see through and past it, making this piece rather special.

Vertigo baby 01

Constance Guisset

It comes in two sizes. The small is 140cm diameter and the large a whopping 200cm. Two metres! That’s almost the length of a sofa. Amazing. There are six colours available; Black, White, Copper, Green, Light Blue, Light Pink (how very Pantone Colour of the Year).



It’s not cheap. Starting at £600 ish for the smaller one and reaching near £700 for the large, it’s certainly an investment piece. Not an impulse purchase by an means. But can you imagine wanting another light once this was hung? I can’t. You’re getting lighting, art, sculpture. Almost like a living, breathing art installation. Can you tell how much I love it yet?

I will leave you with some more images of just how beautiful this light looks, working in so many different room styles and designs.

Vertigo_Constance-Guisset-Design_Belathee-Interiors – Photo: Dorothée Brand

Vertigo_Constance-Guisset-Design_Jerome-et-Annabel-Gueret-1170x1649 – Photo : Jean-Marc Palisse


Vertigo_Constance-Guisset-Design_Colombe-design-Warsaw-home2 – Photo : Rafal Lipski


Sarah Lavoine


What do you think? Hard to miss isn’t it?

I’m going to be on the look out for something similar and more affordable… as soon as I find something that I think might do the trick you will be the first to know.

Ta ta for now.


  1. betty says

    I would like to use this lamp for the finishing touch – open area BIG dining room (3.15 x 1.40 meter table). I´m afraid to commit to this just form the internet images.
    Anybody interested in seeing photos and dimensions of my space and helping me out???
    Pleasee please??

    • Karen Knox says

      Sounds like it’d work great in a space that big. Would prefer to have known the ceiling height too though!

  2. Jan de Visser says

    I own one since a couple of weeks. It is utterly elegant and visible, without being dominating. Had to persuade my other half to cough up the investment, but now we have it…it’s absolutely adorable.

  3. Savania says

    Love this post! Does this light also work in smaller spaces? I’ve loved this light for so long and am interested in the black small pendant but am unsure of whether it will make my living room look too small. I love big open spaces and would want to compromise on that. My room size is approx 5.5m by 3.6m with a ceiling height of 2.6m.

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