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Lightbulb Moment

Remember my fancy bulb?


Ya know, the beautiful hand engraved filament bulb from Vinegar and Brown Paper?

Aye. That’s one… it made a little feature in my Shelfie post and a more recent post for Iconic Lights. Here’s what I gone done wrote:

“It’s been waiting for a lamp to sit in for months. We were going to make something… bought the brass lamp holder (above), black fabric cable. But ya know… life… time… It never got done.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love that concrete and copper lamp. Like a lot. But it was too perfect for a project I was working on at the time.


So I made the greatest sacrifice of all, and re-homed my lamp in The Pod. You can just see it to the very right in this picture above. It looks very happy there.

But, good news! It turns out, publicly shaming my OH for not making a lamp for said bulb, was THE best way to get him to actually make it. Get in!


This is what we he needed?

  • tools
  • bit of old 2×4 we found in the log store – £0 (i’d also been collecting old car engine parts just incase we went down the metal base route, but they stank).
  • 2m black twist fabric electrical cable – £4 a metre
  • brass lamp holder from eBay – £7
  • brass mounting plate from bitofbrass – £2.50
  • filament bulb – from £5

Everything was wired in by my OH who is a dab hand with all things wiring. He actually enjoys it! But this isn’t a DIY post which is why I purposefully haven’t added any ‘during’ photos. So please don’t try this at home peeps. Unless you know the score, or know someone who does. M’kay?



Our. My DIY salvaged lamp base is now sitting pretty in our bedroom. Tiddles can’t get to it here, so my precious bulb has got a much better chance of surviving.


We didn’t need an online switch as the brass lamp holder had a cool “turn-y” switch on the side. A very satisfying manoeuvre indeed.


I reckon I will end up staining the base a little darker (when I get around to it). But for now i’m just loving the twiddly switch.

Check out the “ambience”.


Nice init!? It would look fab on top of one of these industrial style cabinets.


Big thanks to my OH for creating me a lamp from a bit of old wood. What do you think? You like?




  1. Absolutely love it! What a lovely little thing you and Pete have created! I love the salvaged simplicity of it. Clever clogs, you both. And the V&BP bulb is just fantastic! Just wondering, if in future I want a lamp like made from a piece of old wood, would you and Pete do a commission? 🙂

    • Oh yeah! Sure thing misses. Just let me know when you find that perfect bit of old wood. For reference, we worked out it was a piece cut off an old pallet. Glam! 🙂

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