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Peignoir & Worsted

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted

I could barely contain my excitement yesterday. I was off to visit the Masonic Villas project for the first time since the hallway, stairs and landing were given its new Farrow & Ball colour palette. I won’t lie. I did a little cry when I arrived to finally see it, worse still I found it impossible to leave… I just kept gawping. Truly beautiful.

Please bear in mind, we’ve still got artwork and mirrors to hang, brass stair rods to fit and the final finishing touches to sort, but I thought it was only fair you got to see it. I mean, we’ve all been waiting so long to see F&B’s Peignoir and Worsted up on these walls haven’t we?

**Major pic heavy post**




After – Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir and Worsted

Everything from the dado rail and below was painted in Worsted Estate Eggshell, including all the door frames, staircase and spindles. Everything above the dado was painted Peignoir Estate Emulsion. I didn’t want lots of fussy colour changes around all the detail like the picture rail, frieze and cornicing. I wanted two blocks of colour. Nice, clean and simple.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted

A beautifully feminine combination of colours but not sickly sweet. It looks fresh and contemporary, but still with a vintage air. Just what this stunning building needed. The rich, dark mahogany handrail looks stunning against these colours.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted

Ideally, the staircase runner would be changed to something darker to really pop against the Worsted woodwork, but for now it’s staying as it’s pretty new. The dark bronze stair rods will certainly help to anchor the space, tying in with that deep chocolate handrail.


Another before pic.

Victorian Staircase

It has a hint of Paris chic don’t you think?

Reclaimed Chandelier

You can read all about the chandelier here. Funny story.

Mullan Wall Lights

Lyx Wall Lights by Mullan Lighting add a warm hit of antique brass, almost bronze, which will link in beautifully with the new stair rods running up the staircase.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted Inchyra Blue

Ignore the stash of stuff at the bottom of the stairs, (see I told you, we’ve not finished yet), but I wanted to show you the front door too. It’s been painted in Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue, which no doubt about it, appears green in this house. Green with a hint of blue. Also, if you remember, I was using Inchyra Blue both here and just one other place…..

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted Inchyra Blue

The second place being in the small home office, aka, “The Pod”. When you look back down the staircase you get a double hit of rich dark, greeny blue from the two spaces directly on top of each other. Both framed by the soft, earthy grey tones of Worsted. It works so well.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir Worsted Inchyra Blue

I shall be doing an update on “The Pod” in a little while. It shall be worth the wait!

Farrow & Ball Peignoir and Worsted

And so there you have the hallway, staircase and landing. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of the freshly painted space.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir and Worsted

I could sit in this chair all day looking at this fresh new space. It really is a delight to be in. I can’t stop looking at the pictures you know. I’ll be racing to get back there again next week.

Farrow & Ball Peignoir and Worsted

So, is it what you expected? Would you rock these colours in your home? Would love to hear from you.



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